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Topic: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

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    Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?


    I am about to create some new libraries and I want to keep the number of Cd\'s down to a minimum. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] So I have the choice between using the TASCAM \"accelerated wave\" format on the samples or using \"Winrar\" on the gigs - and make .rar files on the CD\'s.The last would mean ´that the users have to install the freeware program \"Unrar\" program to be able to extract the gigs. How do you feel about this?

    Accelerated waves?


    .rar files?


    Thomas Hansen Skarbye

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    I think this accelerated waves format is the compression that can only be used with Giga. For Unity and HALion users they won\'t be able to convert the library.

    Everyone can use RAR so that\'s the one you should go for. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    A better and FREE alternative!


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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    Hi Elle,

    Isn\'t this Mac only?

    PS: Unrar is freeware too...

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    and you can get source code, SDK,...

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    Hi Thomas,
    I think you\'ll find WinRAR is the way to go. You can make self-extracting compressed files with it, so no users will have to install WinRAR or even have to be all that aware that you\'re using RAR. You\'d just instruct the user to double click basses.exe for example, and I think the self-extractor asks for the location to put the gig file- that\'s about it. Although you can make a single selfextracting file that spans multiple cds, I\'d suggest making multiple self-extracting files if you\'ve got a couple (or a lot) of very large gig files. To me, each self-extractor should ideally extract no more than a gigabyte of information. Of course if you happen to have a single gig file that is 3 gigabytes, then there\'s no way around having a file that extracts 3 gigabytes of information. The reason I mention this is that the extraction process can take a relatively long time compared to a straight file copy - if a user wants only a single gig file out of maybe 8 gig files that you offer on your product, then he will have to extract all of them to get at the single gig file if you used a single self-extracting file. Also as you get into the range of 3+ gigabytes of material, disk space can be an issue - a user may only have 2 gigabytes of free space that he can easily create on the disk. If you\'ve got for example 8 gig files in your product, then by using multiple self-extractors, the user will only have to install the gig files he wants. Anyway, I think the RAR files are a great idea. I suspect it will become a fairly common format for distributing large sample libraries (using self-extracting files) once we get a feel for the nicest ways to do it.

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    Hi Scarbee, Just use WinRar, buy the registred version thant aloows the creation of SFX-files and make the instrument files as SFX files. These are self-extracting thus your users don\'t have to install anything. They just click the .exe file and the rest is peanuts.
    This is what we have done with several >1 GB libraries and we had only 2 complaints in 3 years from people who can\'t un-pack the files. Mostly people with older PC systems BTW.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    The Monkey Audio looks very promising. I haven\'t heard about it until today, but in a brief look it appears to do better compression and to take less time than WinRAR. I\'m not sure if you can create self-extracting files or if it is stable.. but there\'s always RAR if not. It\'s also be worth testing - to see how fast it extracts compared to RAR and if there are any quircks. Cool link.

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    Re: Accelerated waves or Unrar for PC and Mac?

    Hi Jeff and Michel,

    I have a registered version (Single user) and I would love just making the self-extracting files, however I need the libraries to be Mac-compatible - can mac users use the Winrar .exe files?

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