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Topic: WHY WHY WHY??

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    I bought Dan Deans library, but they sound so closely miced and sizzly! I haven\'t used it since I bought it, because I can just about here the spit in the pipes as the player performs the instrument. They eat up polyphony like WOW! This is not directly to Dan Dean, but man... I know you can\'t make returns, and that\'s EXTREMELY frustrating. I find myself using QLB for everything except trumpets, which I use SAM for. Somebody pet me.

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??


    Its funny that you complain about the sizzle. Its what most people have been complaining doesn\'t exist, which is why a few people like Dan Dean\'s Brass.

    I personally like it, but wish it was further micd. However toying with reverbs and such I find its wuite usable. You wont get a huge sounding 8 horns section out fo the layers, but the solo stuff with reverb actually works pretty well.

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    I find Dans solo french horn to be very useful when layering other french horns with it. The sizzle you talk about I take it comes from the FFF samples. To me, those are the only french horns out right now that have that bite.
    Try different reverb techniques also ASapp or even Soundstage and EQ as well. Dans solo brass can be made to sound more distant if you tweak and layer.

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    I think I understand you...when I first got DDSB I was confused...first I liked the lib. and then as I tryed to use it I started to hate it...then after I finished a project, I decided to devote some time to this collection, and now it is my favourite sample librarie...yes the sound is way too close..but the samples in there are a gold mine...do a bit of tweaking, and don\'t expect to get that Harry Potter fr. horn sound out of it it is not meant for that...for start, put a low pass filter controled with mod on NV instruments..it does wonders for the horn...they ask for a bit of extra thinking when it comes to EQ and verb setings, but it is worth it...
    The only thing I don\'t like here is trombones..
    The performanse is good, but as you go from mf to fff the \"body\" of the instrument just dissapears, and sounds so thin...
    King is there an easy way of EQing the whole bone GIG?...I know I can extract the wav\'s, batch them in forge and then import them back in the gig, but this will take ages..
    Anyway...I love the DDSB, it is hard to fall in love with it on first sight, but give it some time and you\'ll see the beauty of it..
    Can\'t wait for DDBE...... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??


    you ..could use NFX [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Seriously the only way right now to do it quickly that I know of is to use an app like AWAVE studio.

    It will process samples with DX plugins in batches. It also processes WA! format files. So its a must for Dan Dean libraries.

    again an awesome app [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    I\'m not too familiar with EQ\'ing and whatnot, because I\'m pretty cut and paste when it comes to composing and mixing down. How can I EQ DDSB so that it sounds descent in a mix? Also, anybody have experience with FX3 soundstage from Cakewalk? Tom Hopkins mentioned this software to me over email and said it could help in mic placements and perhaps reverb.

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    I think Sound stage is very workable.

    It takes some time to learn.

    If you\'re cut and paste you may not like it. It sounds fairly strange with presets. but once in a mix or with some adjsuting it works really well.

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    Hey King, how about some tips on EQing the DDSB as I posted above your post.

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    hye A_Sapp

    Its hard to say. It really depends on the sound you\'re after.

    I personally dont EQ Dan Dean\'s as much as I add reverb.

    But I do shave off a little bit of highs as I \"put it back\" in the hall

    I like the sizzle alot. I personally find the PIano levels of the horn very usefull, and if I ever did true solo horn performances would find a use for the FFF samples. The Bones and trumpet however its mostly about Reverbs.....and shelving a little of the highs before reverb.

    It works Best as a mic with other sample libraries for ensemble sounds.

    I\'m guessing DD Brass Ensemble will please more people, since it wont be solo brass, and not close mic\'d. Still I find having solo bras helps for variation and making more \"realistic\" perfromances when mixed with other brass

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    Re: WHY WHY WHY??

    Hey King, do you have a demo you could post with the processed sound in a mix? I\'d appreciate it to get an idea of the sound. I\'m frustrated because my memory level is always around 97% and I end up with limited orchestration. So once again, I\'m limited, and I guess the ideal thing to do is get another machine. But I\'m interested in the processed mix. OH, if you get a chance, my demos got posted on Garys site! My picture was messed up a little bit, so I look like spock. Aaron Sapp is m\' name. Check it out if you can.

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