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Topic: Latency when using giga studio with Electronic drums

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    Latency when using giga studio with Electronic drums

    Im am triggering giga studio with Roland v Drums and there seems to be a time delay latency problem with giga studio .
    Because Ive tried different voltage to midi converters before the sound source [giga studio ].
    And Ive even taken sounds from the Alesis dm4 that work just fine in that module and import them to giga studio and as soon as giga studio plays them there is a latency time delay problem .
    I made sure that the samples were truncated with no dead air space before the samples.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any settings within windows or giga that will correct the latency problem. thanks , Ken

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    Re: Latency when using giga studio with Electronic drums

    I use gigastudio for playback with my yamaha dtexpress electronic kit and I have no perceptible latency. This is in part because I have an audio interface (delta1010) that has GSIF drivers. When your card has those drivers, nemesys claims that you should expect latency on the order of 3-10 ms. I can vouch for that. I am probalby getting about 3ms. Go to teir website - they have a list of cards with the GSIF drivers. Also make sure that the roland module is directly passing the midi upon trigger events, as opposed to doing some sort of midi transform operation , etc. Don\'t know about the roland module though. It probalby has a MIDI menu that lets you control various midi related parameters.

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