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Topic: Compressed Titles

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    Compressed Titles

    Hello all,

    As a Mac/Session \"cross-over\" user, I have been looking at several Gigasampler titles due to my newlyfound ability to convert Giga libraries to Unity Session and take advantage of disk-streaming right on the same computer as I sequence (Mac).

    Neither Unity Session, nor Chickensys Translator can access sample libraries that utilize Gigasampler\'s proprietary data compression.

    Can some users and developers on this forum tell me which titles use this compression and which titles do not? I don\'t want to purchase something that I won\'t be able to use, and unfortunately most web sites don\'t list this information.


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    Re: Compressed Titles


    Non of our titles except for one, \"Post Piano Suite\" uses the compression.

    Per Larsson
    Bigga Giggas

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    Re: Compressed Titles

    Thanks for the info Worra.

    A title that I\'m definately interested in in the Malmsjo Piano. The web site would seem to indicate that this title is indeed compressed (even though it comes on 2 CD-roms).

    Can anyone confirm this?

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    Re: Compressed Titles

    Unity Session and the Chickensys Translator should very soon be able to deal with that compression format of Nemesys\'. It\'s a trivial little scheme that we\'ve reverse-engineered months ago. So the above competitors of Tascam should be able to do the same with ease and implement it in one of their future versions. I wouldn\'t worry too much.

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    Re: Compressed Titles

    Also, AWAVE Studio will output and convert WA! format (Gig compressed) files.

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