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Topic: Tweakers ahoy!

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    Tweakers ahoy!

    Any tweakers out there know of a way to get a smoother transition from open to closed hat when using keygroup switching? The open hat tends to shut off very abruptly when the closed is played, and someone has expressed an interest in reducing this \'abruptness\'.

    I was wondering if adding a release sample to the open hat would work. Problem is the switching in a keygroup isn\'t so much note off dependent as it is determined by new note ons of other notes in the group.

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!

    bah. I thought release triggers would work.

    If not. all I can think is doing the release trigger, then making the open and closed hi hate notes \"legato\" in a sequencer. So the note off is in sync.

    Its definitely a problem if there is room in the sample. In fact if there is alot of room in the sample its the only thing you should do.

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!

    I\'ve noticed the same thing on some of my music, for me a somewhat less techical solutiuon is to simply play a soft slightly open hihat at the time of the closed hihat hit.

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!

    Hey King, don\'t get me wrong - I haven\'t tried this. I just assumed that\'s what would happen.

    Haven\'t programmed release triggers before. Maybe I should give it a go with this challenge [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    Using legato to make the release trigger in sync is very lateral - cool.

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!

    OK. Just tried adding a release triggered sample to an open hihat so that it hung over the new closed hat that shuts down the open hat.

    No dice. Giga is too smart for that. Keygrouping applies to the whole region, so the release trigger played by the note off is muted as well as the open hat played by the note on.

    King\'s sequencer legato idea is still best so far. I\'d just prefer a gigacentric solution.

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!


    Maybe you\'re idea is the best at the moment.
    Programme a special separate region with a layer of the closed hat and tail of an open hat. You would just have to remember to always play this region after an open hat, then play the other closed hat only regions for the rest of the closed hat part.

    Not too hard to do if it\'s not a hat with 16 way velocity split [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!

    I\'m not sure it is a solution but what I would do is an enhancement in the MIDI pedal sustain/expression/velocity events (tail effects).
    maybe We need three elements: Hihat closed, opened and pedal in order to emulate the realistic sound, for example.

    Unlike other instruments, within the sequencer/song, it just be a few bars as re-useable template, which can be populated (repeated) in all the rest of drum patterns.
    Of course you all are right, it should be done in the sample library as \"released\" triggering, it would be exactly how the hihats supposed to work.
    Just a thought,

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    Re: Tweakers ahoy!

    actually. I think that Mono Mode with Maestro tools would do the trick [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    however it means you need to have a seperate track dedicated to the hi hat....and hope that nothing is mapped 3 octaves above the hi hat sample [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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