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Topic: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

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    Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    What\'s up with the samples in DD Solo WWinds? I\'m trying to export .wav files from the bassoon patch in the GS Instrument Editor
    and it\'s telling me that most of the samples (except a few) are compressed and can\'t be exported. What\'s up with this?

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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    I would also love to have a solution for this! I have done a few handy programming extensions to the trumpet, but cannot do the same with the horn...


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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    WA! format files cant be exported by GigaEdit. I believe it started as a copy portection scheme, but it just ended up being a pain in the *** to users like me and you. AWAVE Studio can export the files and convert to anyformat. It is a GREAT app, and worth picking up.

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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    I got an email from Dan--apparently Awave Studio will read .gig files and let you save the .wa! (GS new compressed format) files as regular .wav files, which solves my problem!

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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    AWAVE can do alot more than that. It can batch process conversions to and from ANY file format. Somewhat like Barbabatch on the MAc...but more file formats (even VAG). It will also do processing via DX plugs in the batch. Batch sample rate convert. Batch convert from different sample library formats. and all sorts of other little deals that blow me away as a tweaker. I really love this app.

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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds


    thers like 190 formats import and 90 export.

    Also checkout chicken systems translator for an app that really focuses on sampler format conversions. http://www.chickensys.com/

    They are supposed to have some superior Roland to giga conversion processes.

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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    I too would like to sing the praises of this program in conjunction with DD\'s libraries. I\'m currently running all of the brass samples through Auto-Tune one at a time. I agree with the \"leaving samples with natural intonation imperfections\" theory to a point. But some of these are way off. Try playing unsion octaves with the Horn gigs and you\'ll hear things that no horn player would let slide in a performance. Nothing against Dan, it\'s a problem with sampling musicians by themselves in a room instead playing with music to which they would normally adjust.

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    Re: Exporting .wav files from DD WWinds

    King, can it convert Roland to Giga? Giga to Akai? Thanks.

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