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Topic: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

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    Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    Okay, I saw starwars thursday at 12 AM with all the fanatics, having a blast sitting out there an hour and a half before it started, with the lines lengthy already. I was expecting an awesome score like they all got, but guess what fellas!!?? John Williams used, for just about THE WHOLE !@#$ MOVIE, two/thirds of cues stripped away from episode one, EXACTLY the way it was played, in episode one. Ugh.... I know he has minority report and whatnot, but, HOLY CRAP??? The movie got a 7.5/10 in my opinion, Episode 1 a 9.5. Man, school\'s gonna not be so good today.

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    Aaron, this has nothing to do with what Williams did for the movie. It is common knowledge already (among score fans) that George Lucas ruined Williams\' music by editing it in a grotesque way. Williams did write over 2 hours worth of NEW material. What you hear in the music is obviously not much of it. Perhaps Williams has grown too mature for George Lucas\' childish mind.
    If you care at all how Williams got treated by Lucas, please read this:


    It\'s a crying shame. One can only hope that a 2 cd ultimate complete score is released sometime in the near future.

    Still track 3 seems to be intact in the film;
    Zam the Assassin (the chase), and that truely is an AWESOME composition. Check out those inhuman trumpet parts Aaron [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] (to TIME 3-4 trumpets to those rhytmical figures...)


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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    I haven\'t seen the film yet, but it must be said that William\'s music has always been treated this way in the Star Wars saga. It wouldn\'t be so bad if it was played quietly, and left at a consistent level, or even faded subtly over a longer period. But what usually happens is that the music is played really loudly until it clashes with some dialogue, or one of those ever so important laser sounds that we haven\'t already heard 20000000 times, then it is simply cut down to almost inaudibility in a split second, to be cut back in in similar fashion a few moments later.

    On the other hand John Williams can write very invasive music. I\'m a massive fan, and when a scene has little dialogue then I don\'t see why the music shouldn\'t become prominent - in fact I loved some of the most intrusive parts of the Harry Potter score. But the rhythm of a Star Wars film is usually different. There are very few cues in which the music can be prominent all the way through, and yet John continues to write music which demands to be prominent. Like Princess Leia\'s theme from Jedi; one of the most lush, gorgeous pieces of Romantic harmony I\'ve ever heard - easily in the league of Mahler. The one thing it definitely isn\'t is background music. It demands attention. And it is developed as a piece of musical argument, rather than following the details of the cue. So at some point it is going to have to be turned down.

    By the sounds of it, though, the butchering in Episode II is going to be worse. I\'m not sure I can stand to watch.


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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    The score still has some fanrtastic cues IMHO. As TJ said, track 3 (Zam the Assassin) is awesome. The xylophones and percussion breaks with those amazing \"inhuman\" (lol TJ!) trumpet parts is very cool.
    Track 2 \"Across the Stars\" is quite a beautiful love theme as well. You wanna hear some beautiful legato \'Hollywood\' strings...well, this is definitely the track and that solo oboe in the beginning, very sweet.
    Those are the 2 main standout tracks for me, but as always Williams scores have stuff to be studied.

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    In the end, you gotta remember that Williams is writing music for Lucas, and not Lucas making a movie for JW\'s music.

    If the movie as a whole works better if George needs to change up a scene after the score has been written, it\'s much better to go ahead and edit than leave the footage as-is for the sake of keeping the original score.

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    Well, Lucas pretty much completely butchered Williams score in this movie. I liked the movie a lot, but I personally think that the soundtrack (as edited into the finished product) is one of the weakest parts of the movie. The music is disjointed and often inappropriate, and there is one scene in particular (the asteriod field) that desparately needed music, yet had none.

    I wonder if someday Lucas will figure out that the music was probably better the way Williams originally wrote it? That is what happened with Empire. In the original release, Lucas chopped the heck out of it, but then he restored most of it in the Special Edition. In an interview I read with him, he said he couldn\'t remember why he had chopped the music up in the first place.

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    Originally posted by A_Sapp:
    The movie got a 7.5/10 in my opinion, Episode 1 a 9.5.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">A_Sapp, are you actually saying you thought that The Phantom Menace was a BETTER movie that Attack of the Clones? Or are you referring to the music? If you are referring to the movies themselves, I have to seriously question your judgement, as there is pretty much a 100% unanimous opinion out there that Attack of the Clones is a far better movie than The Phantom Menace.

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    I agree with you. Jamieh [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    No, I gave it a 7.5 for the MOVIE, not soundtrack. I\'m not sure if it was because I was tired, (freakin 12 AM premiere) or because of the fanatics around. Several things that turned me off: Physics in some of the scenes when the actors are computer animated riding on these ugly animals was extremely unrealistic and cartoonish. If you\'re going to do a scene like that, make it feel natural and smooth. The scene of the factory smashing bit was a little too video gamey to me, and the city seemed like it was stripped from A.I or Bladerunner. There was a little more humor than I cared for, and Hayden sucked at acting. All his lines sound very unnatural and rehearsed. The characters just don\'t have spark in the movie, and the reason I preferred ep. 1 over 2 is because the acting was a little better, yoda was actually a puppet in some scenes, (nice nostalgic nuance) music was entirely original and fitting, and it served as an excellent prologue to the rest of the series. AOTC didn\'t quite have that star wars feel to it that I expected, and hopefully, JW will have his music unchopped... expect that to be highly unlikely.

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    Re: Episode 2 Soundtrack...

    Heck...Battleground Earth was a far better movie than the Phantom Menace, and most folks need an anti-depressant just to get through that cause it\'s so bad...


    Originally posted by Jamieh:
    Attack of the Clones is a far better movie than The Phantom Menace.[/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">

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