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Topic: QL Nick - Questions...

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    QL Nick - Questions...

    Others may find this of interest too...
    Nick, I recently got QLVOTA, and with my order I got a demo disk called \"Eastwest Samplemania 8\". On it were two of your tracks I have not heard before. The VOTA track 3 featured two new ques. The first was very nice: subtle and it showed what could be done with just a keyboard and mod wheel. The second new que showed just what you had in mind on how to the voices special effects: very interesting. I am having a blast using VOTA, nothing too complex yet, but wordbuilding continues to be a hanging issue, so suggestions on use would nice sometime. Your interview is coming up, so I am saving up some questions. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
    The QLRI demo seems to be all or mostly new. Good stuff and I will be getting it eventually. One question: at about the 3:56 mark, is the percussion also from QLRI and if so, what is it? Or is it something from Stormdrum, and any case, what is it?

    Doyle W. Donehoo
    Radar Music



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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    Let\'s see... Samplemania 8, QL RI track (#4?), at 3:56?

    From what I can tell, that\'s 100% RI.

    EDIT: And speaking of VotA, something I\'d like is a midi file of the choir singing something short (obviously mention which gigs should be on which track). Even just \"quantum leap!\" would be fine... just to show how it\'s done, y\'know? And then we can mess around with our own \'verb and EQ.

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    \"From what I can tell, that\'s 100% RI.\"
    OK...so what instrument is the percussion?

    I agree. It would be nice if Nick would supply a midi file and a Giga performance file (using only two ports to keep it simple) that would demonstrate a basic way to do the wordbuilding.

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    If I recall correctly, that part uses several taiko gigs. I believe there are 18 different taiko patches, most using between 8 to 16-way velocity switching. Again, I\'m relying from memory. I may be wrong.

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    I haven\'t heard what they put on Samplemania 8. I gave them a bunch of new tracks using VotA version 2. I didn\'t give them any new Rare Instruments demos. I am waiting for Nuno\'s utility for Voices of the Apocalypse to be done, before I post any word building tips. I have been using it already for vowels and it really helps. I have to say that the voices have really been working for me. Just yesterday, I licensed some new VotA cues for Star Wars Episode 2 and Minority Report TV spots. Both cues also use Stormdrum loops.

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    \"I am waiting for Nuno\'s utility for Voices of the Apocalypse to be done.\" And on that subject... I have been building up a song and I am up to the part where the choir singing words goes and started looking at the Nuno-VOTA utility...and I cannot make heads or tails of it. I looked for a discussion of the method of operation and use but there is none that I can find. (I read the readme, but that is no help.) Maybe you could give me a few words on the proceedure on using this thing? I get the I/O part; I want to know the steps to make some simple word-sounds. What are you supposed to do? What is the proceedure?
    As for the Star Wars thing, I bet you would have no problem creating the \"Duel of the Fates\" with VOTA. The first time I loaded the female choir, slammed down a chord and advanced the mod wheel...yow... VOTA rules! [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Doyle W. Donehoo
    Radar Music



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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    The VotA utility is working for vowels only, right now. Open the utility before opening Gigastudio. When you open it, it will ask you to specify midi ports and mode. Choose syllable mode and whatever midi ports you are using. There is some help available inside the program. Options, I think. I have been doing the men and women seperately on 2 seperate machines, although, I haven\'t tried opening 2 instances of the utility and specifying different midi ports. You must make a performance in GIGA with the vowels on tracks 1-7. Same order as they appear in the explorer. Now ah is accessed by typing,a,ee-E,oh-o,oo-O,eh-e,ih-i,uh-u. If you are playing chords, you need to type a character for each note. So a 3 note chord singing ee is typed E E E. Hit load text and you are ready to go. Did this help? Probably not.

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    Kinda... The \"Now ah is accessed by typing,a,ee-E,oh-o,oo-O,eh-e,ih-i,uh-u. If you are playing chords, you need to type a character for each note. So a 3 note chord singing ee is typed E E E.\" part is throwing me. Type where? What are the delimiters? Is there an example text? Is there a syntax? How does it know the beginning and end of a performance? (EOS?) How can it tell a chord from a note?
    *sigh* Looks like I will have to spend a lot of time screwing around with this and reason it out from results: but any helpful suggestions would be gladly taken. I dug up the only explanation for this I could find, from nf:

    \"I already send it to the people that mail me. If you want to try it, mail me at nf2000@iol.pt .

    What the VotaUtility do?
    Receive a note by midi, see what is the next letter in the text and then, send out the note (by midi) with some changes to the right midi channel. In the case of consonants, it also change the note id to get the right consonant.

    Sequencer use:
    If you want to use the votaUtility (that is a normal windows program) with a sequencer, you must use a midi loopback driver (like MarbleSound Midi driver that cames with Garritan Strings). This is a virtual driver that sends to the input what it receives in the output (see the readme file).

    Midi recording.
    The VotaUtility don\'t do Midi recording (like exporting a midi file), but does something BETTER . With midi recording there was several problems (like specifying the tempo, time signature,...). Using a Midi Loopback Driver, you can play something in the sequencer, and at the same time record the VotaUtility output to later use.

    Next thing to do:
    At the moment, it work in a letter by letter mode. If you want to get \"Taaaaah\", you must send one note to \'T\' and other note to \'ah\'. I want to change that to a single note need.
    If you already try to make this things sound more real, send me the tricks (cross-fades, delays, etc).

    Now, i sit and wait for you opinions and sugestions!

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    You type your text in the big white box. The first note you send to GIGA will sing the appropriate vowel. It does not know the difference between single notes and chords. thats why you need to type a vowel 3x for a 3 note chord.

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    Re: QL Nick - Questions...

    Oooohhhh...I am starting to get it....

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