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Topic: MP3'S NOW, HAPPY?

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    MP3\'S NOW, HAPPY?

    Alright, I got my songs in mp3 format with 192 rate. Both unfinished, but gives you an idea:

    ( http://home.talkcity.com/MiracleMile/asapp/suspense.mp3 )

    ( http://home.talkcity.com/MiracleMile/asapp/nocturne.mp3 )

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    Re: MP3\'S NOW, HAPPY?

    Pages not found, unfortunately.

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    Re: MP3\'S NOW, HAPPY?

    talkcity sucks... I dunno what to do now.

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    Re: MP3\'S NOW, HAPPY?

    For the budget minded, you could try http://www.50megs.com
    Click on \"Learn more\" for the deal. The free site probably has a buncha ads, but hey...

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