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Topic: Has anyone checked out FIReverb?

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    Has anyone checked out FIReverb?

    There is a PC plugin called FIReverb. Has anyone tried the demo of this or have it?
    Here is the link:


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    Re: Has anyone checked out FIReverb?

    Damon, thanks for the post. I\'ve downloaded the demo but await an email with the key to try it. I\'d be interested on your thoughts for the best software reverb you\'ve used - Soundstage works well for me.

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    Re: Has anyone checked out FIReverb?

    Hey Craig,

    Sorry for the late post, I went on a short vacation for a few days.

    Right now I am using Waves Renaissance verb and getting pretty good results. I have to say though that I am not crazy about software verbs due to the fact that most of them seem to lack warmth and sound \'metallic\' to my ears.
    If I could, I would get a nice Lexicon hardware verb but its not gonna happen anytime soon.
    Have you tried the demo of FIReverb yet? If so, could you tell me what you think of it?



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    Re: Has anyone checked out FIReverb?

    I will probably check out this verb, but not till after the 26th. Meanwhile, a cheap non-twangy package and verb is the TC Essentials: about $75. Not the holy grail, but useful for some things, not good for others... The SilverSpike verb is actually very good, as well as cheap: $40 or so and nearly as good as the high end verb that comes with Sonar. Still, the best verb I have is a hardware verb.

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