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Topic: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

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    A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    This is music I posted a little while back, but I found this video on You Tube which I thought lended itself well to demonstrating cueing up the music. Enjoy!

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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    This is one of the best pieces I have heard in a while. This was such a touching piece. Thank you for sharing this, Owen.



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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    Oh, this is nice. some tears even, great playing, great melody, deep feelings...



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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    Wonderful! Great music, Mister Owen. I am gobsmacked. [I think that's the term you Brits use. ]

    Beautiful oboe part and the overall production is first-rate. Thanks for letting us hear and see it.

    (What is that running down my face?)


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    Very nice, Owen (he said, teary-eyed), especially with the climax at the hug.

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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    Thanks, my friends, for the kind comments. Sorry I've not been good about responding. I'm not doing so good right now, but rest assured I am reading all your comments and really appreciate them.
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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    Hi Owen,

    Indeed, this is one of the best scenic pieces I've heard here on the forum. It has all the qualities to be the ideal background for the events and it adds a deep emotional touch to the footage by buiding up towards the climax in the film. It's very difficult not to overdo in such (short) stories, but you didn't. The music is the carrier of the viewer's emotions and that's fine.

    Well recorded and mixed! Congratulations.

    I hope you will be better soon,


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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    I hope things go well for you, Owen. Get well soon!

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    Re: A joyful reunion - cued up with video

    OK, I'm feeling a bit better now, so time to answer you all properly.

    Richard: I really appreciate your comment. As you know, I love your work, so your comment means a lot.

    Ted: Yes, this is your style of music, right? Glad you liked, and hope all is well with you.

    Larry: Gobsmacked? Wow! That's high praise! By the way, the thing running down your cheek is an ant trying to escape the pursuing spider.

    Art: Well, perhaps I should have warned everyone to have Kleenexes handy. When I listened to that climax, I always pictured two people running into each others' arms, so I was glad to find that footage of it actually happening.

    Max: Thanks for the appraisal, and glad you thought it wasn't overdone. I am trying to work on composing cues right now, so I need to learn good balance.

    Richard (again): Thanks for your concern. It's going to be a long haul, but enjoying my good days when I have them. Hope you are well.
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