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Topic: The Aftermath

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    The Aftermath

    I wanted to share another oldie from me. This is another "fairly" early composition of mine. I dedicated this piece to the memories of the Polish president (Lech Kaczyński) and his wife (Maria Kaczyńska) who perished in that awful plain crash back in 2010.

    Libraries Used:
    - Dimension Pro (Garritan Solo Violin Patch) I know for sure
    - I am not too sure about the rest it has been a while! Probably some EWQLSO and Dimension Pro. I will have to dig up the old data file and take a peak.



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    Re: The Aftermath

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for such a fine piece with an honest tribute to the former Polish president and his wife. It's very sensitive music expressing the sadness of the events and your feelings towards it.
    Bravo for the solo violin and the piano, well done indeed!

    Thanks for sharing,


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