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Topic: Sound Library Architecture

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    Sound Library Architecture

    I\'m still new to GS and try to fully undersand the internal architecture of a GIG file. Let\'s take a the MENS CHOIR out of APOCALYPSE. Like in other libraries the MENS CHOIR is available as
    \"a whole\" (Mens Choir V.2.gig......Gig File 2.0) and by clicking the (+) it shows als SUB- categories such as MC ah MOD C1-C#1......Instrument etc.

    Both, the WHOLE instrument as well as the SUBs
    can be loaded into GS.

    My question: What is the purpose of loading the WHOLE file as opposed to load just SUBs? It would be nice - by loading the WHOLE- if all the SUBS would be available with \"program change\". In this case I could compose and just \"program change\" from note to note in my LOGIC score window and create whole phrases.

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    Re: Sound Library Architecture

    Loading Sub Instruments can save Ram, as Giga will only load the samples related to the sub gig./ Loading the \"whole\" gig loads every sample related to every sub gig. In something like VotA, this can make a huge difference. As there are a hell of a lot of samples in that library [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sound Library Architecture

    Thanks for the reply KingIdiot. I noticed too,when loading the Subs, one needs far less RAM.

    But still the question: Is there any purpose of loading the WHOLE .gig file? I know that with Key Switches and the Mod Wheel some parameters can be controlled. But is there another way to call up the SUBs when loading the WHOLE? For example with the MIDI \"program change\" command? I just got the idea because it says \"Instrument\" to the right of the SUB files.

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    Re: Sound Library Architecture

    Individual \'instruments\' (subs) which form part fo a complete \'Gig\' (whole) can be accessed py patch changes over midi. When you load the gig file you can see the patch numbers of each instrument in the loaded instruments window, alongside the instrument name, port, channel and bank numbers.

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    Re: Sound Library Architecture

    Excellent Chadwick. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Thanks for the good news. I will try it out. Since the APOCALYPSE CHOIR has all the vowels and cosonants as separate \"instruments\" there should be nothing in the way to score whole Lyrics or Phrases. However the score input with all the patch changes and consonant fill-ins (beside the regular sounding notes) will be quite complex.

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    Re: Sound Library Architecture

    Look for a thread on this forum in the last few weeks, about a text application which some clever guy has developed secifically for VOTA. You put in the text, it spits out the midi...somehow.

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    Re: Sound Library Architecture

    I have another related question. I\'ve understood that loading the gig file loads all the sub files, and that you can open the + to list the sub files, and then just load one of those subfiles, saving Ram.

    BUT, what about libraries like BT\'s Twisted Textures? You open the + to get the list, you choose ONE subfile to load, and it loads ALL of them. These are small synth type files and you have to sit and wait each time because it loads the whole thing.

    Another patch that always confuses me is Symphonic Aventures, where it appears to load the entire library!

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