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Topic: is it orchestra only!!!

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    is it orchestra only!!!

    i assume that most of the musicians over here are professionals and all i hear over here is about the orchestral scoring(not in a negative sense, that\'s the thing i always want to do but just cant do because i cant afford those expensive sample cds)...

    do you guys also go about scoring the trance or some other kind of stuff!!!

    just new over here but if you want to look at my stuff and provide me with some feed back here are few of my pieces at http://www.javamusic.com/napalam

    especially i would recommend you the \'exit emptiness\' and \'vallies and mountains\'... exit emptiness is a perfect theme for some chase scene and vallies and mountains is kind of neo orchestral stuff with flute and timpani....

    and one of the few complete orchestral tracks i\'ve done is available for download at this url http://www.sectionz.net/sz40/04detail.sz40?mp3ID=1084 this is a war theme. but the quality is not that good as the samples came from a cheap 20$ cd....

    any feedback will be highly appreciated...


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    Re: is it orchestra only!!!

    If you can do orchestra in my opinion, you can do just about anything. Maybe except jazz, that\'s a whole bag of it\'s own. I did a lot of blues and jazz piano before I even considered classical. I just had a jazz concert today, I busted out on trumpet, thousand people shouting and hootin at my Sing Sing Sing growl solo, it was awesome.

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    Re: is it orchestra only!!!

    Yeah, I think essentially the Orchestra is the holy grail of sample simulation. It\'s pretty difficult to believably emulate something with so many humans that has been around so long.

    You can do piano, guitar,synths, drums, percussion, brass (for the most part) fairly easily nowadays....but the orchestra is still elusive. People have gotten close....but it\'s a bit like artificial intelligence, it really needs to breathe life!

    On top of that, Gigasampler is particularly well suited for orchestral simulation due to its ability to handle huge instruments. Generally techno you can do easily on much less RAM.

    Aside from the orchestra, I believe the human voice is the next frontier....that should be pretty difficult to pull off and I don\'t think anyone has really tried it yet (talking about single vocals here, not choirs and not even sampled singers doing full phrases).

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    Re: is it orchestra only!!!

    Orchestra is definitely Holy Grail stuff, but only because of the technical difficulty in getting an electronic device to sound like 40 people sawing. puffing and slamming away at once!

    Samplerz iz samplerz as they say (hopefully not very often!) and Giga is among the best. As with all musical instruments,what you get out is at best what you put in.

    This forum has a lot of film composers just because the program is one of the few that can achive that level of complexity, but Giga certainly can be used for other types of production. I do contemporary jazz/pop/funk/fusion stuff, and as my libraries slowly grow in number and complexity, I rely more and more on the quality sounds I get from it.

    Map your musical needs and expectations into the availalble sample libraries, listen to the demos VERY carefully before you purchase (generally you can\'t send stuff back or resell it legally) and stretch your creativity. It\'s a great product, and despite the occasional flame wars, a great and helpful group of folks on the forums, both developers and users.

    Make great music!


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    Re: is it orchestra only!!!

    The guys above know what their talking about, but here\'s another view. I\'m not at all into ochestral scoring and I\'m still into GigaSampler. I\'m using it for just normal pop/world beat music. It\'s great for being able to collect together all sorts of natural sounds and get them into my Pro Tools sound space easily. It has the best sounding pianos around, which is important in every sort of music I think. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] (Grunge?) [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    If you want to do trance or whatever, I say go for it. GSt is one more MIDI tool in the MIDI toolbox. Let your ears lead the way.

    However, GSt is a lot of work. It\'s not an easy tool to use well, so if you do go down this path, be prepared, be very prepared... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


    And so that I\'m not misunderstood, I actually listen to a lot of classical, I just have no personal interest in scoring for orchestral works.


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    Re: is it orchestra only!!!

    Mark, you say you\'re not doing orchestral work, and then you tell us you can\'t get the trumpets to sound good (I\'ve cleaned that up a bit... [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] )

    But the trumpets you\'re undoubtedly using are ORCHESTRAL trumpets, NOT pop/big band horns. Of course you can\'t make them sound right.

    Join me in a round of hand-holding and prayers to the developers-Om Mani padme HORNS, Om Mani padme Horns...

    And while we\'re at it, SAXES.

    yeah I know, they\'re hard to do. But as a section, I would think it\'s more approachable than solo sax, which is a whole other kettle of mouthpieces...


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