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Topic: Unity Session experience!

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    Unity Session experience!

    Hi I recently looked at the Unity Session. I was skepticale about it at first as I am a Giga User.

    Well I broke down and got it. This program is amazing. I can get up to 256 Voice Polyphony and it is not such a Hog on CPU and ram as people think, because it uses a combination of Ram/Disk Streaming. I just Imported Gigapiano, Malsmjo and to me the layers are accurate. Halion doesnt do the Job. The best thing is I am plugging it in direcly into my Mac.

    Although Giga is a great Platform, being use to MAC, I am seriously seeing more benefits to this program. The programs has tons of feautures, but I still need to learn all this extra stuff.

    This program is definately worth looking at on the MAC Platform, and 256 Polyphony is achieved without a Sweat on a MAC G4 Dual 450.

    Just thought I would share dudes! It rocks! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    Humm....maybe I should get a Mac! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Sounds great.

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    Sounds interesting!

    What is the MINIMUM Mac requirement?

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    Sounds like a great deal for Mac users, although at the price of a dual G4 you could prolly buy two pcs and get 320 voices of poly and 128 midi channels... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I dunno. I\'m just very midi channel- and poly-hungry nowadays [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    wait folks!

    I had unity 1.0 a few years ago. Does it *really* stream from disk? I also thought they had a PC version? That\'s what I had

    How do the GOS strings sound when imported?

    Man, I would LOVE to dump giga if it could break my memory barrier...one more error 5 and I am moving to alaska

    P.S. how do teh physical bowed string modelling sound?

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    I think you should all know that what Unity refers to as a voice is actually a 2 stereo oscillator voice. Hence 1 Unity voice is the equivalent of 4 standard voices (256 voices are actually akin to 1024 voices on a \'normal\' system).

    It is quite impressive but I wouldn\'t push Unity too much without a good computer.

    Usually I have pretty thick orchestrations going and my max polyphony is set to 64 voices without ever running out of notes.

    Unity has a lot of critics too citing a very steep learning curve and a difficult set-up process.

    I really believe that a good music set-up should include both Unity and Giga for maximum power!

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    I had alot of integration problems with Cubase when I had it installed on my windows machine. It was an older version.

    Right now they do not have an XP version which means you are limited to 1 gig of RAM - sad...sad.

    It also did not stream at that point. The editor and additional tools i felt were really strong, and I loved having it all integrated and *working* on one machine when it did.

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    Hi Rob,

    These are the requirements for MAC:

    System Requirements
    * Minimum 128MB RAM (256 or higher recommended)
    * 400 MB free hard disk space (2GB recommended to install all content)
    * 800x600 resolution monitor with
    256(8 bit) or more colors

    * G3 333 MHz or faster processor (G4 recommended)
    * OS 8.6, 9.x, 10.1

    I do not quite know exactly how this works, but I know that the new Unity Session for MAC does indeed stream from the disk as well as use the ram. Therefore splitting the work one should say. I wish a Giga guru like Kingidiot could get his hands on Unity and give us a real scoop on it. Havent imported GOS yet. I do not know about Maestro Tools, but on garritans Website it does state that other formats are available soon, but so far if all layers are accurate, then I would suspect just a straight Giga Import> Gary or Developer maybe give an answer on this?

    Wow I also was surprised to hear that 256 = 1024 actual voices. Did not know that!

    So far very usable, stable, accurate, no pops clicks. Best of all its all integrated within my Mac.

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    This is indeed a miracle if true. How much ram do you think it can address in a G4 space?

    If I add up all the $$$ i spent on the PC side, and if gig samples convert cleanly, I may be a convert before you know it

    Ravn, any downsides you see??? MIDI port limits? Do you think you will move completely over?

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    Re: Unity Session experience!

    Actually I have a TiBook G4 400, I used to have Unity DS one on my old 604e [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] back when I was a Mac guy.

    I\'ld love to check out Session. Is there a demo?

    I found DS1 a little strange when I first used it, but one must remember that was before I really even understood sampling. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I really say that giga is my first sampler. I toyed with an s760 when I borrowed it from a friend ot understand what it actually did.

    I would figure that session is probably fantastic. What I remember of DS1 makes me think that they probably advanced very well.

    I dont see anyone getting 1024 voices off of one system tho....definitely not off of one hard drive. Maybe a high count off of a SCSI, is the bus actually able to stream all this in? and then is the same bus going to output audio in seperate channels? Thats a lot of stress on the bus.

    I dont study computer hardware stuff as much as I used to. So I\'m not sure if I\'m talking out of my *** anymore,...but....I tell ya, I still remember being amazed at the akai S5000...with that said, and knowing how cheap building a giga computer is.... I only worry about other features than poly count now.

    an I\'m one of the unlucky ones... no major errors with giga.

    There are a few particulars I wish were different in giga, but I\'m guessing htey\'ll nail those in the next version. The guys at Nemesys are working pretty hard at that.

    Man I ant 3 gigs of memory jsut for samples! HAHAHA

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