Hi I recently looked at the Unity Session. I was skepticale about it at first as I am a Giga User.

Well I broke down and got it. This program is amazing. I can get up to 256 Voice Polyphony and it is not such a Hog on CPU and ram as people think, because it uses a combination of Ram/Disk Streaming. I just Imported Gigapiano, Malsmjo and to me the layers are accurate. Halion doesnt do the Job. The best thing is I am plugging it in direcly into my Mac.

Although Giga is a great Platform, being use to MAC, I am seriously seeing more benefits to this program. The programs has tons of feautures, but I still need to learn all this extra stuff.

This program is definately worth looking at on the MAC Platform, and 256 Polyphony is achieved without a Sweat on a MAC G4 Dual 450.

Just thought I would share dudes! It rocks! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]