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Topic: Peter Ewers - Symphonic Organ Samples any good?

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    Re: Peter Ewers - Symphonic Organ Samples any good?

    Hi enb141,

    I have the Peter Ewers Symphonic organ and can honestly say it does one thing very well. I find the romantic organ tutti very convincing and thye 6 seconds of release samples adds a very convincing ambience. It\'s an organ tutti to die for. The 32\' subbass adds a nice gravity to thye pedal as well.

    Unfortunately, the only other samples included are some basic principals. There\'re no reeds, no strings, no flutes, nuthin! You may find 3D pipes preferable if you want an all around good organ with a wide variety of registration possibilities. I don\'t own 3D pipes, but I\'ve heard good things about it here.

    Steve Chandler
    aka Ettienne

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    Peter Ewers - Symphonic Organ Samples any good?

    I want to know how good is this Organ Sample

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