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Topic: Music for a furniture commercial

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    Music for a furniture commercial

    Here is my latest project: Music for a radio and TV spot for Grand Furniture.


    Instruments used:

    Handclaps: The free sounds Randy pointed me to, loaded in ARIA.
    Guitar: The nylon one that comes with Kontakt
    Bass: Dimension Pro
    Lead: A lead from Absynth; a free tin whistle I found loaded in ARIA; trombone from GPO (all three sounds in unison or octaves).
    Pad: Cakewalk TTS-1
    12 string guitar: Dimension Pro
    Drums: From Kontakt
    Drum groove: Dimension Pro
    Horns: GPO
    Cymbal roll: From the free Sonatina Symphony Orchestra, loaded in ARIA
    Vocal at end: It's Erika, would you believe. Pitch shift is a wonderful thing.
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    My website: www.tunespace.net

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    Re: Music for a furniture commercial

    This sounds like it could be used in a furniture commercial. Good job. Jay

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    Re: Music for a furniture commercial

    That was GREAT Owen!!! I could just visualize myself sitting on a couch at the brick and shopping for the best one. It fits the scenario! Thanks for the share!



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    Re: Music for a furniture commercial

    Fantastic, Owen.

    Good quality, very functional and perfectly recorded.


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    Re: Music for a furniture commercial

    Good job, Britperson. Here's hoping that you get more gigs like this, Mister Owen.

    I will buy the furniture!


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Music for a furniture commercial

    Thanks, Jay for the vote of confidence! I appreciate the listen.

    Richard: Glad you think it fits! Hope your couch does.

    Max: I'm glad you think the quality and recording is good. I have had a lot to learn on those subjects. Thanks for your comments.

    Hello Larry, and thanks for the encouragement! Sadly, the client didn't go with this one in the end - they went with someone else. But I will be adding it to my cues/jingles library, so hopefully not a waste!
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    My website: www.tunespace.net

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