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Topic: New version of Aria Player can't find Ensembles

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    Question New version of Aria Player can't find Ensembles

    Hi, I recently upgraded to the latest Aria player version, but now the Aria player cannot find any of the multis (instruments) for GPO or GIO under Ensembles (that area is blank where the Ensembles instruments/multi's should be listed on the Aria Player). They were there before on the old Aria player version, but now when I click on "Ensembles" and try to load a multi/instrument it asks me where it should look and I don't have a clue what folder to direct it to. Please help. Thank you.
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    Re: New version of Aria Player can't find Ensembles

    I am not sure if I can help you at all, but when you download Aria, you have I think 3 choices which one you wish to use. To me it sound like you are using the wrong version of the download package. My version is Aria Player(Multi), yours maybe just Aria Player?


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