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Topic: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

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    Smile CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    The results of voting for Challenge 31 have been posted. Thanks to all 7 entrants, and also to the 18 people that took the time to vote. Good to see that each entry got at least one vote!

    If you submitted an entry, we'd love to hear anything you wish to share about your work, such as the title you gave it, what your thought process was, which instruments/libraries you used - anything you like.

    For those that voted: Feel free to share your comments about the entries, and what you liked about them.

    Here are the results! www.jinglecues.com/Challlenge31.html
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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    First, let me tell you why I'm happy to have scored second place in this Challenge.

    1. Because I voted for the winner.
    2. Because I can avoid to submit the tune for #32.

    If I must name Frank's theme for this Challenge I will call it a… challenge.
    I spent the first ten days banging my head against a wall, trying to find out a sense for it;
    also, its strong jazzy nature was hard to cope with: how to move around it?

    Then a poem, For the Union Dead by Robert Lowell, gave me the key.
    The piece is not intended to be a literal translation of the poem — neither it is a personal political statement:
    Lowell is not my preferred American poet, not as much as Robert Frost,Wallace Stevens and Marianne Moore.

    Then went many days of cut and paste — mostly cut —, moving things around, and listening
    over and over to achieve the right order of things.
    Still I'm not satisfied for the lack of development here and there, a major quality in Owen's work:
    I feel that his entry shares lot of its musical ideas with mine, but, again it is much better developed;
    he choose to fill the 3 min. limit. I was scared of sounding stiff.

    My other vote was for Entry 6, that landed 3rd. I loved the way Ed turned something jazzy into
    something that is actually jazz.

    I wish to compliment with all of you entrants, and thank all voters.
    See you for the next exciting Challenge.
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    This was a difficult challenge and congratulations to Owen for a fine work. It almost sounds like French Impressionism. My hats off to you for coming up with a very listenable piece of music with a difficult tritone melody. Bravo!!

    I am, as well, impressed with everyones' entry. Each had its own take on a demanding melody line. Thanks FRANK! That really made me (and what I hear from others) really work hard to develop it.

    I too voted for Owen's work. I just liked to listen to it (and I did many times). The Jazz piece was well done too, but as I said, everyone had there own little take on those wicked tritones.

    As for my entry...

    I dabbled at a jazz piece and it wasn't going well so I analyzed the challenge melody and used the tritone as a leading tone and dealt more with the notes around the augmented note. I then developed a pattern from them that the flute states and followed in canonic form by the oboe then clarinet. I used the horn call (my wife just got an iPhone and her ring tone is Sherwood Forest which uses that horn call instead of a telephone ring) to tie things together. The clarinet gets a cadenza at both ends of the piece. After all that is my instrument. Why shouldn't the clarinet get the feature line?

    I did enjoy this and it really got me to concentrate on melodic shaping and direction. Thanks Frank.

    And thanks to Owen for hosting these new challenges.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    My votes were for 2 and 6... couldn't pick between the two. 6 sounded just 'right' with the jazziness, but the flow and orchestration in 2 spoke to me as well.

    Always interesting to hear the many different takes on a given theme, and how so many different moods can be created in the arrangements. Thanks to everyone who participated!
    -- Matt Wong

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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    I'd like to add my congratulations to all who entered this challenge, and especially to Englishgent for not only all the work in organising & hosting it but also for coming up with a fine winning entry - great job & many thanks. I really enjoyed having a go at it and listening to all of the pieces.

    Also thanks to Frank for setting a really interesting theme - it was very different from what I might have come up with which in itself gets one thinking about all sorts of things... - my first musical thoughts were jazz-oriented, but probably because I still had Frank's winner from #30 in my head, nice to hear such a variety in the entries.

    I restrained myself to just one vote this time and it was for the winner #2, in fact from my notes I had the top 3 in order in my own ratings, which says I either have great taste or am boringly predictable & mainstream or both!

    My notes are just a text file I added to as I was listening, I find it helps to refer back to what I thought 20 minutes ago - probably some goldfish somewhere in my ancestry or I'm heading for a starring role in Memento II.

    FWIW here is a cleaned-up version;

    #1 - really good intro, overall sounds somehow theatrical - felt like I was watching a scene from Midsummer Nights Dream in my head, then it goes into March of the Tritones - all really impressive with really nice chords & voicings. Bloody annoying triangle is its only failing, maybe it just hit a weird resonance in my headphones. Will be hard to beat this though...

    #2 - ...and straight away maybe we do - intro lovely brass sounds, excellent cliche on the basses - great rhythmic drums leading to prominence on the melody - sort of a March of the Unwell section. Beautiful low volume brass mix, overall it sounds fantastic and obviously took a lot of time - very hard to beat. Great use of the tritone to finish, and a superb loud middle section - love it.

    #4 - bit of a struggle after 1 & 2, some very odd sounds in the intro, what can they be (Blackpool organ?). Some nice highlights on the way through (woodwinds), but overall just not as musical as the first two. The nice woods repeat, the ending is a bit grim.

    #5 hmmm, nice to have something different but a bit of weird-sounding mix with some interesting choices of solos, and the bitonal chording seems to diminish things - overall reminds me of my Uncle Eric's old Doors tribute band (they were great!)

    #6 aha a jazzer! I was expecting at least one, nice intro but please tell the drummer to lose the side stick & get some brushes - jeez! Goes a little odd in the middle with some new synthy background & a new rhythm. Then OK we're back on track & - oh my god the drummer has gone off on one - he's hacking through the jungle with a machete! Finally we make it through and - hang on have I bumped the mouse? No, we're back to the intro again.
    I'm having flashbacks to an old British 60's movie with Terence Stamp, Diana Rigg & Carnaby Street somewhere in it, overall it is quite an evocative & interesting piece.

    #7 intro is a bit similar to mine, but I keep hearing the Proclaimers (when I wake up etc). It is overall a strange brew, with bizarre drums & manic strings, but I like it. It's experimental, and quite short, and worth another listen.

    My own effort was carefully crafted over the last three hours before the close time (or was it after closing time?), using Dimension Pro in Sonar X2. The final mix was done by a blindfold orang-utan wearing earmuffs.



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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    Bloody annoying triangle is its only failing, maybe it just hit a weird resonance in my headphones.
    Thank you for your comprehensive comments on all entries.
    I wish to reassure about your headphones: they are in good shape. And are working very well.
    You are right, there is an annoying triangle in it, thought and I put it there just to be disturbing;
    my first thought was for a set of anvils to sound as the “yellow dinosaur steamshovels”
    at work building “underworld garage" in the heart of Boston — something resembling what happens
    in third scene of Das Rheingold or, at least, in Mime's workshop.
    But anvils are not available in GPO4, so I went for the triangle.
    Arrigo Beyle / Milanese / Lived, wrote, loved -- Stendhal
    Being Italian is a full-time job -- B. Severgnini

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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    Well, guys, I am guilty of creating #5. Frank had been discussing the accordion on this forum with someone else. I choose to us that as my keyboard. Frank is also into Jazz, so I created a Jazz piece using the acute melodic line of Frank. It's all GPO instruments from JaBB and done only in Finale. I keep threatening to do these in Sonar, but I am into so many things, time seems to slip away from that part of the venture. So, as my brother aptly tells me, my pieces do not have the clarity they could if I'd just engineer them better. Mine always sound like a Big Organ.

    I loved (can't remember the other numbers now, but) the one that was impressionistic and the other Jazz oriented one. I loved doing these challenges because it keeps my compositional brain busy...

    Win, lose or draw, these are nice exercises.

    Congratulations, Englishgent, and all other entrants.

    best regards,
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    #4 - bit of a struggle after 1 & 2, some very odd sounds in the intro, what can they be (Blackpool organ?).
    Hmmm... I wrote #4 and all that was at the beginning was strings and F Horn. I don't even know what a Blackpool organ is. The horn as I listen to it now is a bit tubby and heavy. I guess I didn't do enough with the EQ for it. The strings are all GPO and I used all the solo instruments with the ensemble instruments for around 40 tracks. I some times get carried away.

    I am glad to get comments and appreciate them. They will help me in future engineering projects.
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    Quote Originally Posted by fabiolcati View Post
    ...something resembling what happens
    in third scene of Das Rheingold or, at least, in Mime's workshop.
    But anvils are not available in GPO4, so I went for the triangle.
    Aha I see, thanks for the clarification Fabio!

    I too am a fan of the Wo-tan Clang, but not easy to orchestrate in GPO.



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    Re: CHALLENGE 31 RESULTS and discussion thread

    Well, it's finally time for me to chime in about my entry. So sorry for being incommunicado for a while.

    Firstly, thanks for everyone that voted for me! I am honored to be voted the winner, although it's fitting that it was a close race, as all the entries were great. Nice to see that each entry got at least one vote - nothing worse than the dreaded "nil points"! (Eurovision Song Contest reference, if you're not from Europe.)

    OK, so how did I come up with my entry? Looking at the given theme, I couldn't make sense of it in my head unless I heard it in 6/8 (well, 12/8 I suppose really), even though it was written otherwise. So compound time it was!

    Then I thought of weird intervals, and my mind went to the wonderful brass introduction of Uranus from The Planets Suite (also compound time). Hence was born in my mind the title for my work - Pluto, the Bringer of Tritones. You just try and tell Pluto that he's too small to be a planet any more, and he comes back fighting with tritones, to show just how mean he is! Not a planet indeed.

    I then tried to think of different ways in which a tritone can be "hidden" so it sounds acceptable, such as using it as a b up to f jump in A minor, resolving to E. Another trick: Using an F# as a grace note leading up to G, with a C a 5th below it. The given theme fits quite nicely over the top of that. And so on. Of course, I wanted a couple of times to present the bare tritone so Pluto could blare out his protest.

    Instrumentation was full orchestra, mostly GPO with a couple of samples from Sonatina Symphony Orchestra.

    I am hoping to develop this into a longer work, perhaps 5-7 minutes, with the hope of a live performance by a local orchestra, if the challenge setter agrees to let me use his theme.

    I will be launching Challenge 32 in a few weeks, after a pause for a breather. There may even be a small prize!!!

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    My website: www.tunespace.net

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