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Topic: Where's my friggin' copy?

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    Where\'s my friggin\' copy?

    Well, it wouldn\'t be the first time I\'ve put my foot in my mouth in an online forum. I felt it best to delete the post and instead I offer my condolences to Gary who has expressed to me that he(and his associates) were hard hit by the events of Sept. 11th. Apologies go out to you, Gary, for my impatience in these times.

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    Re: Where\'s my friggin\' copy?

    Yes, the events of last week did \"put a damper on things for a bit\" and I lost someone I knew in the New York tragedy.

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    Re: Where\'s my friggin\' copy?

    Thanks for the quick response to this, Gary. I\'m getting antsy to check out the disks, and everyone talking about it and the demos isn\'t helping

    Sorry about your loss. I lost someone in that mess too, but I suppose it could have been worse as I originally hail from NY. I must count my meager blessings.


    Once again, my condolences to Gary and apologies for my impatience

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