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Topic: Favorite sounds in GOS?

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    Favorite sounds in GOS?

    I was just curious what everyone had to say about what their favorite sounds are in GOS and which ones you find using the most?
    I find layering the cello grand detache with the 1st violin grand detache creates a very rich and beautifully realistic tone.
    Anyone else have any tips or suggestions for layering sounds?
    I would especially love to know what people are using to do very slow passages.
    Simon Ravn, if you read this, how did you manage to get such nice slow attack with your Adagio for Strings demo?

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    Re: Favorite sounds in GOS?

    all the gr detaches and the Cello EXP LEG.

    For slower attadcks you can do two things use the expresion/volume control as well as thd Mod Wheel EXP/Crossfade control. You can swell from \"nothing\" doing this.....but do me, \"from nothing\", sounds unnatural, its better to bring it down to a lower level and start trigger the sample, then swell up the expression volue and a hair of the Mod wheel control.

    Another is use the non vibrato samples, they sound a bit more stark and the lifeless quality lets it sound like its softer...again controlling both expression/volume and Mod Wheel EXP helps here.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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