Maestro tools is an awesome addition to GigaStudio let alone just for GOS.

If you are Gigaedit and audio savvy you can edit your own instruments to take advantage of the auto alternating.

Take for instance libraries that are chromatically sampled (Dan Dean) you can make patches that alternate between two stacattos by copying the regoins up 3 octaves (actually 2 octaves and 11 semi tones) and shifting the Sample note in the \"sampler\" tab to play the corresponding alternate note.

I\'m not sure if that made any sense, but I hope people get ideas.

Also Get into editig audio files if you can. Formant shifting and slight harmonic shifting make good variations on existing samples enough to make them \"alternates\"

Time stretching/shrinking works wonders in small amounts as well.

It only takess slight variations in tone to make an existing sample into a \"usable\" alternate note.

You can also make your own attack masking samples for maestro to use as well......While I doubt anyone would need them for strings They should work for other older samples.

One thing I wish dan an had was breathier attacks...but they work well with Mono legato switched on in Maestro..

Really...I am an Idiot