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Topic: Breath Control A+++ with EXP instruments

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    Breath Control A+++ with EXP instruments

    I just wanted to say how much I\'m enjoying using my WX-5 with GOS. It\'s very easy to edit the instruments for this, just select an entire EXP instrument and change the \"Mod Wheel\" assignment for crossfades to \"Breath Control.\"

    I have not been able to put down the wind controller all day. YEAH!!! It\'s so much more expressive than just using Breath Control to affect amplitude!!

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    Re: Breath Control A+++ with EXP instruments

    I assigned my wind controller to send mod wheel info to giga. It\'s working really well but I wonder if your method is better? I\'d like to make patches that respond to velocty and EXP but I don\'t understand the editor. Any tips?

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