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Topic: Question for Jeff Hurchalla

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    Question for Jeff Hurchalla

    Hey Jeff,
    I was just curious if you ever tried that new function with Maestro Tools to get the Grand Detaches to sustain longer?

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    Re: Question for Jeff Hurchalla

    Hi Damon,
    I haven\'t gotten to adding the note extension to Maestro quite yet, but I\'ll definitely let you know when I have. Last week I spent mostly improving the installation which isn\'t so spectacular, but should make setup easier. In a few days I should be able to begin with it.

    The new computer setup arrived Friday - viaKT266a mb, 256 MB crucial ddr ram, 1Ghz athlon, and WinXP (at last). And this is why I\'m on the Macintosh waiting a few days to develop anything Maestro - system upgrade growing pains! New parts - very very exciting, and OF COURSE everything was going to work fine due to good components, and of course that didn\'t actually happen. Turns out athlon systems need really solid quality power supplies. My cheap PS couldn\'t handle anything, except for one lucky time I got a BIOS post and was able to set the CPU down to 550Mhz- it could post from then on, but always locked in Windows.
    If anyone\'s building a new system, it helps to get the best PS you can. I\'ve got one coming in the mail now


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    Re: Question for Jeff Hurchalla

    Glad to hear you got a cool computer coming Jeff . I agree that getting a good dedicated PC definitely matters with getting good results with audio. Alot of Mac people just tell me nightmare stories about PCs and I have to honestly say (knock on wood) that since I got a real good dedicated PC, I don\'t run into that many problems.
    I have always been a big fan of Pentium 3s. I heard Athlons get REAl hot and need a bigger fan unit or a couple of fans. I don\'t know much about building DAWs though, that\'s just what happened to a friend of mine who got an Athlon.
    Anyway, thanks for the update on the grand detaches as well .

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