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Topic: Oh I wish!!

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    Oh I wish!!

    We all love GOS so don\'t take this the wrong way, but,....

    I was messing around with some fast violin stuff (IIRC 1rst Violin Portato) and the line was going pretty high. When I got above B the sound stopped. I think huh! what happened? The B plays fine, but nothing C or above. Well the obvious thing is I ran out of samples. So please add this to the wish list another half octave of fast string samples. I worked around it by using the full string ensemble and it sounds OK (it\'s only two notes C# and D), but it was annoying.

    Other than that gotta LOVE GOS!


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    Re: Oh I wish!!

    Hey Steve,
    Gary has already mentioned to me about adding higher notes to the violin marcatos for the wish list . Not sure about the Portatos.
    I don\'t know about you guys, but I\'ve been REALLY digging the pizzicatos on GOS.
    I\'m working on a tune now with GOS celli and bass pizz with xsample concert harp, Ultimate orchestral brass glockenspeil (very good sample also by the way), Malmsjo acoustic piano, SOV boys choir and it sounds heavenly!

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    Re: Oh I wish!!

    Non-GOS post, but I gotta ask.

    Damon, do you by any chance have a demo with the SoV boys choir in it? I\'m about to start dropping some cash on some new CDs, and I\'m heavily considering SoV.

    Thanks an oodle.

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    Re: Oh I wish!!


    As if by magic, coinciding with your request, I just finished the first update to the G.O.S. library a few days ago. It will soon be distributed free-of-charge to all registered G.O.S. owners. This update addresses precisely this subject. The range of all short bow violin instruments has been extended to at least the F#6 (the maximum possible range of the ALT versions with the present architecture). Certain of the velocity-split patches have been extended to the C7. The list below identifies the extension of each instrument in the update.

    1st Vln Grand Detache F#6
    1st Vln Marcato F#6
    1st Vln Sautille mf C7
    1st Vln Sautille p C7
    1st Vln Sul Tasto mf C7
    1st Vln Sul Tasto mp C7

    2nd Vln Grand Detache C7
    2nd Vln Portato F#6
    2nd Vln Martele F#6
    2nd Vln Marcato F#6
    2nd Vln Staccato F#6
    2nd Vln Spiccato C7

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    Re: Oh I wish!!

    Are these guys great or WHAT?!!!

    (meaning Tom, Gary etc. Here we see yet another example of why this library is groundbreaking. CUSTOMER SUPPORT AND FREE UPDATES. It DOESN\'T get any better than this).

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    Re: Oh I wish!!

    Wow!!!! I know you guys are good, but I didn\'t honestly expect a positive response that quick! This is how I know I\'ve got the best. That\'s awesome news and thank you.


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    Re: Oh I wish!!

    To be honest with you Lance, I actually don\'t have anything ready quite yet with SOV even though Ive had the library over a year! I\'ve done some songs with it but never got to mixing them down because I just didn\'t think my compositions were that great. I do highly recommend SOV, but I will say that you might want to wait till Nicks new choir library comes out or the Yellow tools choir. I\'m sure it will be updated quite a bit from SOV since it will be new.
    Go to www.ilio.com and check out if they have some demos of SOV. If they don\'t, call ilio and they will send you a demo CD of about 8 songs of nothing but choir sounds (boys choirs, london choir, gregorian choirs, soloists and fx, etc.) from SOV for free. The demos are very awesome also by the way and you will probably want to buy the library once you hear it .

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