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Topic: Just for fun...

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    Just for fun...

    I\'m still trying to get my head around the enormous amount of material available in this library and so, just for fun, I put together a cue from \"Psycho\" called \'The Hill\'.

    Your comments are welcome, both good and bad :-)

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    Re: Just for fun...

    Hey Tokyo,
    I like the cue. It created a nice tense mood. I would probably add another instrument in there if it were me, like a harp for instance playing some disonant trailing notes at the end of each phrase to make it even more eerie .
    Hey, exactly what sounds did you use of of GOS?
    Good job, the legato violin sounds real nice.

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    Re: Just for fun...

    Damon, thanks for listening and the advice re: the harp.

    Here\'s a list of the patches I used:

    All Vln Sordino LEG

    Vla Spicatto mf UpDn ALT
    Vla Martele UpDn ALT

    Cellos Grand Detache
    Cellos Spicatto UpDn ALT
    Cellos Martele UpDn ALT

    Basses Grand Detache

    Full Strings Pizz Lite

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