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Topic: Midi controller for GOS?

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    Midi controller for GOS?

    Hey Folks -
    So, I just got my copy of GOS, and I love it, but my favorite keyboard (Yamaha P80) doesn\'t have a mod wheel, or any other controller. Any suggestions for an in-line add-on with a mod wheel and a few sliders? Phat Boy is knobs, which I don\'t like; MidiMan control surface is WAY more than I need.
    Thanks for your help,


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    Re: Midi controller for GOS?


    I apologize for straying from your topic, but I have a question for you regarding the P80.

    I have been considering getting one. I think the action is great.

    The question: Does the P80 produce the full range of midi velocity values i.e. 0-127?


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    Re: Midi controller for GOS?

    Check out the Encore Slidemate (http://www.encoreelectronics.com/cont_knob3.html).

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    Re: Midi controller for GOS?

    Hans -
    As far as I know, the velocity response is fully implemented. I can trigger the full range of velocities when I watch on the Giga editor (the little bar that goes up on the left side of the velocity split window). The keyboard also has 4 velocity sensitivity curve settings \"hard\" through \"soft\" and \"none\". I\'m quite happy with it, and the action is great, though its a little harder than many pianos; I find that I have a lot more power than I am used to when I actually sit down at a real piano. Please double check my facts with Yamaha!
    Hope that helps,


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    Re: Midi controller for GOS?


    Thanks for taking the time.

    Could you drop me an e-mail?



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