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Topic: Gigastrings

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    One thing I need to know before i consider buying GOS

    I am really after that lush string ensemble sound. For example the track \"entering the stargate\" from the motion picture stargate, could GOS produce that wonderfull rich string theme that you hear just before the guy enters the gate.

    Sorry I\'m a bit vague but thats the best example i can think of.

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    Re: Gigastrings

    Hey James,

    I\'m not 100% sure about which part of that cue you\'re referring to but it\'s hard to imagine why you wouldn\'t be able to recreate the strings with GoS.. Now, i will confess like the good boy i am: I have not had a chance to work with Gary\'s Strings, but since i\'m somewhat bored tonight i\'ve put together a quick doodling w/ miroslav strings:

    Replacing those strings with GoS will make them sound even better, probably much better, and you will mostly likely do less tenkering. Did i mention i\'m bored tonight? Here\'s another doodling:

    Hmm.. I was watching the DVD copy of the 13th Warrior a few days before, talk about a crappy film with fun soundtrack:

    One thing that would instantly make that cue sound better would be the GoS violin marcato and staccato samples I\'ve heard with alternating bowing. Would make a big difference..

    Anyway, enough of this silliness.


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    Re: Gigastrings

    Hey Guliver,
    Just out of curiosity, which violins did you use on the Mummy 2 demo from Miroslav? Also, did you have to retune them to get them in correct pitch (A-440)? If so, how many cents did you retune them to? I\'d like to layer those with GOS strings to see what happens .

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    Re: Gigastrings

    Gulliver: Very impressive stuff. However your stargate thingie sounds like an old record going up and down in tempo?!?!

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    Re: Gigastrings

    Thanks Gulliver,

    You got the right part of the cue

    The miroslav strings sound flat, just like the advanced orchestra strings I use at the moment, it seems we cannot get powerful sounding strings to sound \"Big\" enough.

    I am probably going to buy GOS anyway, but the demo\'s on the GOS website didn\'t blow me away. It was better than AO, but then again... most other strings sets are.

    It could just be that i need to hear the
    GOS strings where i can hear them performing well known cues that showcase how they perfom compositions that would normally kill any other synth strings (in realism terms).

    if i hear an accurate performance of the stargate cue i mentioned before... i\'d be ordering GOS A.S.A.P!!!

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    Re: Gigastrings

    James, I did a small snippet of that Stargate thingie for you. Only 10 seconds. You can find it at my temporary site at

    Go to the MP3 section, then click on GOS. I did this fairly quickly without any fancy mixing or anything. All recorded in one take, just -3db at 3khz on the whole mix to take out a little \'harshness\'. In other words: If you really wanted to, you could make it a lot better by finetuning etc. Well read the comment at my site, and let me know what you think of this

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    Re: Gigastrings

    Again, which violins did you use from Miroslav for the Mummy 2 demo Gulliver? The 23 Vs or a combination, etc.?
    I\'d appreciate knowing, and also if you tweaked them in any way.
    Simon, your GOS demo of Stargate sounds awesome! What string patches did you use for that from GOS?

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    Re: Gigastrings

    Thanks guys,

    Simon -
    I am impressed, they do sound close to the original, they sound much fuller than other libraries. Am i correct that there is little reverb on this? it still sounds great. the one thing i noticed was that some of the attacks sound a bit synthy.

    Well, I think that i will be getting GOS, just as soon as I get enough money, and some decent work. (still in the process of getting a contract sorted with my agent, and the rent refuses to pay itself )

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Gigastrings

    James, yes there is reverb. Orchestral music without reverb is like bread without butter (or something)

    Damon, I used 1st and 2nd violins grand detaches, celli grand detaches, celli, viola and bass EXP sustained versions.

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    Re: Gigastrings

    The grand detaches are my favorite on GOS . They\'re so expressive. I\'m still trying to figure out a way to sustain them longer though.

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