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Topic: long violins with quick attack?

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    long violins with quick attack?

    Bear with me--I\'m new to GOS, GS, Maestro Tools, and PC audio in general! How can I quickly create a nice LONG violin section with a quick attack? In my K2500, I usually would create 2 layers--one with the long violings and the other with a quick attack, and assign the mod wheel to fade in the quick attack layer.

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    Re: long violins with quick attack?

    You need to layer instruments accross ports in Giga, to get two intruments to trigger off the same MIDI input.


    Assign 1st ln SUS-EXP-Leg to Port ONE, MIDI Channel ONE
    And Assign 1st Violins Marcatto (or wwhatever attck you want), to Port TWO, MIDI Channel ONE

    then click the \"2\" icon under the keyboard icon in the left hand side of GIGA (above quicksound directory). Make sure both 1 and two are \"lit up\"

    Now when you play anything on MIDI channel 1 it will play both instruments.

    the cool thing aobut this setup is that you have EXP control with the Vioins with the MOD wheel, and you can control the amount of attack with Velocity. Its really a cool set up. yo may need to adjust Port TWO MIDI Ch One\'s volume (with the lights turned off), jst to get the right volume balance.

    You CAN do edits in GigaEdit to make multiple layers and assign short bows to one of them, and assign attenuaion of the short bows to the mod wheel,...but I like the frst methd better, sinceit \"feels\" natural to play the instrument this way.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: long violins with quick attack?

    Thanks man! You rock!

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    Re: long violins with quick attack?


    Really...I am an Idiot

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