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Topic: New GOS demo posted

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    New GOS demo posted

    For anyone interested, I just posted an orchestral action piece using GOS and Miroslav brass and woodwinds. Let me know what you think .
    Here\'s the link:


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    Re: New GOS demo posted

    Not that bad.. I think you could work on that fast background string and make it sound better though. And uhm.. why is every 2nd phrase stolen from a John Williams score??

    BTW did you layer any solo strings on top towards the end?

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    Re: New GOS demo posted

    Hey Simon,
    Thanks for listening. It was my first shot at doing anything orchestral. I\'m not schooled at all, I just play by ear. Actually I didn\'t know every second phrase sounded like a John Williams score! I didn\'t intentionally mean to do that. I just kind of kept writing what I thought would make musical sense melody-wise to go along with the other instruments. I did take the idea of the woodwinds in the intro from Fugue for Motorcycle from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade .
    No, I just used the 1st violin grand detaches. No solo strings layered.
    Any ideas what I might be able to do with the fast string background to make it sound better? Perhaps drop it an octave? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: New GOS demo posted

    As for making the fast violin background better. Which patch do you use? You could try experimenting with layering various patches. I also think the velocities in the rhythm figure seem the exact same every time they are played. Try making at least a couple of bars where the velocities are not the same all over (like: not 100, 70, 80, 70, 80, 70 and then repeat, or whatever - put some variation into it). Also I would use shorter notes for what you\'re doing to accentuate (sp?) the rhythm more.

    As for the John Williams ripoffs Every 2nd phrase might be exagerated, but yes, Scherzo for Motorcycles and orchestra, followed almost immediately by the french horn playing part of the maintheme from Schindler\'s List...

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    Re: New GOS demo posted

    Thanks for the advice about the velocities Simon. Actually I used the violin sautille mf UP/Down bowings and they are cut to 0 percent for the shortest attack through the GPC 8 control.
    I never noticed a resemblance to Schindlers List. It might have been subconciously in my head but I definitely wasn\'t going for that melody.
    Thanks for the tips, I appreciate and respect your opinions .

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