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Topic: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

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    Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

    Excellent work guys! This is the library to measure all future libraries from the quality of the samples to the documentation. Due to shcheduling conflicts, I was not able to work on this library but I think in the end, the library was blessed to have Tom Hopkins working on it. I would have been tempted to over simplify it but he diddn\'t shy away from offering many variations and articulations. There are a few new high end libraries that I just love but I find myself deleting most of the extra variations and articulations since they tend to be repetitive but in this library, most everything is very usefull and thoughtfully planned out. This library will simplify my hard drive to some extent because it will wipe out most of the other string libraries I have on hand. Great Job on the programing Tom and nice production Garry.
    Take care

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    Re: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom


    Thanks so much for your comments. I can’t think of anyone I respect more than you when it comes to GigaSampler/GigaStudio knowledge and you have always been generous in sharing your knowledge with me. Several of the features in the library are better thanks to your input.

    I’m sure that most of you reading this realize the importance of Dave Govett to everything Giga. I was one of the first purchasers of GigaSampler several years ago and was surprised (dumbfounded, actually) when I immediately received a phone call from Dave asking me how I liked the new product and if there was anything he could do to help with integrating it into my system. I had purchased many pieces of software over the years and this was the first time anyone had taken the initiative to call me “just to see how things were going.” Anyway, Dave’s been on my “A” list ever since.


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    Re: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

    I wish he\'d give me a call sometime.

    Dave don\'t be a stranger.

    You remember your old Uncle Marty, don\'t you?

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    Re: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

    Thanks for the kind words Tom. Hi Marty. I can be contacted by you and anyone else at david@davidgovett.com
    Take care

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    Re: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

    Hi Guys,

    Great job! I\'ve only had the library for a week or so but I was blown away by the quality and clever use of the Maestro tools software. In fact just with the \'lite\' versions of the various sections, I wrote a short sketch and it sounds bloody amazing, considering it took 40 minutes!

    The interesting thing is that the composition is very different to what I would normally do. I think because the sounds were so inspiring, they took me off in another direction!!

    I can\'t wait for the rest of the orchestra!


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    Re: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

    In case anyone\'s interested, I joined MP3.COM and uploaded the short sketch I mentioned in my previous post. It is only about 40 seconds of an idea that was inspired by those wonderful Grand Detache strings. I just put some TC M-One reverb on the whole thing which isn\'t quite right. One day I\'ll get around to finishing it off!

    It\'s called GOSTEST and can be found at www.uk.mp3.com/CHRIS_N.


    P.S Gary, I agree with others that longer Grand Detaches would be a great idea.

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    Re: Just here to say, great work Garry & Tom

    After some starter difficulties, my GS-Garittan-maestro system works - at least today....- fine. Now I can really appreciate the unbelievable high quality of the library. This is like a dream becoming reality. I do compose contemporary music, so the more unusual sounds are of tremendous value to me. And also thank you both Gary and Tom for your fantastic support: The best I ever had since during the 14 years I do use music software!
    Sorry for my poor english, I live in Spain, but I am french and german speaking = totally confused...at least what language is concerned :-)You should get an oscar.


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