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Topic: Favorite GOS patches?

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    Favorite GOS patches?

    Just curious what some of your favorite and most used GOS patches are?
    I happen to love the grand detaches, all of the pizzicato(celli-bass-viola-violin), and the violin marcatos.
    Has anyone used the fx patches yet? If so, I\'d love to hear a demo with them.

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    Re: Favorite GOS patches?

    Favourite? Hmmm that\'s tough. Cello pizzicato maybe. Or All violins sustains. As for using the efx patches, if you have listened to \'Going In!\', it should be obvious that some of them are used there

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    Re: Favorite GOS patches?

    Hey Simon,
    Can you please email me Going In and Sugary Warfare? My computer is not allowing me to download anything because I have no \"Object Viewer\" for some reason.
    I have heard your demos awhile back but would like to hear them again.

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