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Topic: very fast strings passages

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    very fast strings passages

    Where i can see some very fast strings passages frop gigastrings library?
    Thank you

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    Re: very fast strings passages

    You could try the \'Going In!\' MP3 at, MP3 section. The site is not open 24/7 though.... It has some fairly fast string arrangements.

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    Re: very fast strings passages

    Simon, I know you have posted this other places, but I thought I would ask it in this thread. I just started working on some fast passages using the Violin 1 Marcato sounds. When I do big runs (scales and such) it sounds fantastic. But I find when I do repetitive passages that return back to the same note a lot (for example (think triplets) C D C D# C D C D C F C D etc.), it sounds really unnatural, as the C tends to start to drone out the passage. I tried altering the bow strokes to accent the beginning of each triplet, but it still sounds a bit funky. I also tried shortening up the length of the attack, but that didn\'t seem to work either.

    What patch do you use for really quick violins? Do you use the marcato or a different patch? What other controllers besides length have you played with to make it sound good? Thanks!

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    Re: very fast strings passages

    I can\'t really say what will work in your case, but for the high-register violins in \'Going In!\' (coming in just before the 1st part ends) I use 1st violins marcato up/down combined with 1st violins sautille up/down. Both are playing the same notes. Actually I let the Vla Spiccato UpDn play along too, although I have to play them an octave lower for some of the passage because they cant play that high.
    For the part resembling \"Scherzo for Motorcycles\" from the Indy 3 score (strings+bass pizz passage late in the piece) I use again the 1st violin sautille, this time layered with Vla spiccato updn bow p, Cellos marcato updn and Cellos spiccato updn.

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    Re: very fast strings passages

    Interesting--I didn\'t think of layering the short bows with OTHER short bows. That may work great.

    Unfortunately--I am out of polyphony, because I am already layering tons of brass stuff together to get the brass sound I want. I think I need to set up another Giga box so I can have one for just Gigastrings and one for everything else.

    Luckily right now I am just mocking stuff up for a real orchestra, so it doesn\'t have to sound perfect. I was just curious. Thanks for the tips!

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    Re: very fast strings passages

    It\'s easy to run out of poly when you do this layering yes, but I don\'t really have a problem with it. I guess you can do what I do, simply record over a few passes when the piece is finished. Then you\'ll probably also be happy how good it sounds now with all voices playing for the first time

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    Re: very fast strings passages

    I am having problems with my system polyphony in general. When I just play one instrument at the keyboard, I get full 160 poly. But when I am running my sequences back through cakewalk I only get 132 poly. I\'m guessing that running the sequencer must be eating into my poly. I had never noticed before GigaStrings because I was never getting more than about 100 voices before. But now that I have all this crazy fast string work going on, the polyphony has gone off the charts.

    Oh well, new machines are cheap these days.

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