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Topic: Maestro tools and Logic audio

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    Maestro tools and Logic audio

    At my computer maestro tools doesn\'t work!
    No with logic, no with Sonar, no with jammer!
    In Giga studio no sound!!!
    What else I can do for this tools working?
    Hwo works with Logic may stap by step explain me where is my mistake in setup or may be I don\'t know where!
    Thank You!

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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Hi, do not despair! I have GS since about 4 weeks. I had a real hard time to get every thing working, but now it seem to run fine :-). I also use Logic with maestro, but Logic is on another computer. If this is also the case for you, I may able to write you what I did.


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    Re: Maestro tools and Logic audio

    Hi Vitaly,
    Since MaestroTools is intercepting the MIDI data before it gets to GigaStudio, make sure that the inputs on MaestroTools is set to your MIDI interface and also that the GigaStudio inputs are set to the MaestroTools (MarbleSound in Hardware settings). Do this first, without any sequencer running, to see if you get sound.
    If you still have a problem, please give me a call or email me and we\'ll get you up and running.

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