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Topic: technical problem!

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    technical problem!

    Hi there!
    (I only worked shortly with GOS, but it\'s very promising - after many rewarding years with Miroslav blended with AO. I\'ll post demoes later..)
    PROBLEM: often in the loading process of my varios GIGA instruments, (I run GIGA 160 and PULSAR on a PC, Logic from my Mac), the power to my MIDI interface (Roland UM-4) is turned off!! I believe it has to do with the Maestro Tools, because it happens when GIGA is loading GOS instruments, and I use maestro with my fourth port on GIGA. Never had that problem earlier.. Any help reg. this is highly appreciated! (I load maestro before GIGA as recommended, and it works except for these occasions.)
    Thank you - Sten!

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    Re: technical problem!

    Maestro Sten,

    I can\'t imagine how a MIDI utility program could possibly turn off the power to your MIDI interface. But computers do strange things. Let\'s correspond by email and we\'ll try to find out what\'s going on.

    Maestro Gary

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    Re: technical problem!

    I\'ll be able to look into this this week. Gigastudio may send a message to the driver when it changes instruments, though I\'m surprised if the driver responds by sending messages to the midi interface that would turn off that interface. Anything\'s possible though, so I\'ll take a look at.

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    Re: technical problem!

    Hi Jeff!

    Thanks a lot for your time and effort.
    I haven\'t solved the problem, but I know now it has nothing to do with Maestro, because I uninstalled it.
    It happens with all my GIGA-setups, except the new, empty ones. BTW, another \"new\" thing in my studie setup is my old DX7, which I dug out from the cellar, to use as a controller keyboard with GIGA/GOS. Maybe it is sending weird messages... but it also happens when turning on only my PC for GIGA (with or without PULSAR loaded.) I run Logic platinum on my mac, and it communicates with UM-4 via a Unitor 8 device.
    I\'m looking forward to new ideas!
    Thanks a lot!

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