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Topic: A closer listen !!

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    A closer listen !!

    I wanted to revist this if I could.

    After all of the disscussion we have been having about attacks and what not... I took another listen to this great example by Chris and the sound is wonderful!

    This was all lite patches. This really speaks
    volumes about GOS.

    \"Hi All,
    Just to show how easy it is to get a great result in a very short time, I did this in about 40 minutes, with very little editing, using the \'lite\' versions of sections. I played in the parts one at a time.

    It is only about 40 seconds of an idea that was inspired by those wonderful Grand Detache strings. I just put some TC M-One reverb on the whole thing which isn\'t quite right. One day I\'ll get around to finishing it off!

    It\'s called GOSTEST and can be found at www.uk.mp3.com/CHRIS_N. http://uk.artists.mp3s.com/artist_song/1987/1987593.html

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    Re: A closer listen !!

    Wow, I\'m surprise that the, \"lite,\" version sounded that good. Man, I could make something simple and it\'d turn out realistic. Awesomeness, but of course, I\'m gonna get the full-blown giga version so I\'m not wondering what, \"if,\" I got that library.

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    Re: A closer listen !!

    No, no. It is from the full version. It is using lite patches.

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    Re: A closer listen !!

    I find the lite versions are great. I like to use them in passages that need alot of articulation changes. Then I\'ll use the full blown gigs for legato passages and the up/down bowings for fast bowing passages (get rid of the machine gun effect). Saves alot of time and memory.

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