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Topic: Winter's Night

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    Winter's Night

    Hello again!

    I'm back with something a little new again It started out with an aim to write a choral piece for my a cappella quartet that I have with my friends. Since it's just 4 of us, it's self-evident that I had to keep it really tight and refrain from writing too 'comfortably' and from getting too thick and complicated with my voicing.

    The poem that initially inspired me was by Asper Grig, here:

    I believe you're sleeping my angel
    In this winter's cruel night
    And the walls of your house protect you,
    In your dream stars are shining bright.

    Wind is singing forgotten ballads
    I'm sitting again alone,
    And I hope you're sleeping my dear
    And it's warm enough in your home.

    link here: https://app.box.com/s/0wkgk28aowoixdeskcrq

    At first, I got off to a good start by writing the first 8 measures and was very happy with them.. then I had a massive block for 3-4 months, I think. The timestamp for this is around 0:40. Yet now during the last couple of days I found a way to continue and I did that by ignoring the lyrics completely. I just wrote. Now here is the 1st rough draft of it, completed. Looking back to it, I think the music matches up with the words quite well, although if I really wanted to use this poem, I'd have to do a bit of adapting (rhythm etc.). I'll see, but for now.. have a listen and perhaps give a little feedback Thanks!

    PS. Oh yes, forgot about this.. the rendition uses Vienna strings. But it's nothing final, though.

    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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    Re: Winter's Night

    That was a very lovely piece, Brindle. Very nice. I will give you more feedback later when I have some time. I think you should submit this for the 2014 Garritan Christmas CD. It would be very appropriate. The only thing is it would have to feature only Garritan instruments. I know the strings are not as good as Vienna strings, but maybe you could give it a go.

    This is the kind of piece I love to listen to. Thank you.

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    Re: Winter's Night

    Very nice indeed, and as you said, fits this lovely poem well.
    As feedback, if I was doing this, i would cut back on the on the cello and base and increase the violins, I am missing them..
    Again, I liked it very much.


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    Re: Winter's Night


    I will see about the violin+viola / cello+bass balance and try to adapt the text as well. Personally, I'd love to have a bit more legato (faster attack perhaps, but still smooth) - I'm not sure how to do it. Christmas CD could be a good idea
    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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