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Topic: MT and XP/2000

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    MT and XP/2000

    Now that Nemesys has released a public beta 2.5 running under XP/2000, is there any way of getting a version of Maestro Tools that runs under these OS?
    Thank you.

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    Re: MT and XP/2000

    Maestro Jeannot,

    MaestroTools XP is in the works. We will keep you updated.

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    Re: MT and XP/2000

    I don\'t own GOS (yet ), but I\'m wondering if it\'s as intensive as GStudio as far as drivers go, (the whole VXD vs WDM). If it doesn\'t matter, under XP you have options for compatibility modes. You might be able to force Maestro Tools to work under 98 compatibility if it doesn\'t work under XP natively. I just upgraded my 2K box to XP, and so far, so good. I\'m still waiting on some more opinions before I upgrade my 98 system to XP though, for obvious reasons.

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    Re: MT and XP/2000

    I\'m waiting for the MT Win2k upgrade to change OS ... when will it ready ?

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    Re: MT and XP/2000

    I\'m working on the XP version of Maestro now. There have been a few things which delayed it earlier - they\'re now solved and I\'ll let you know when it\'s complete. By the way, the last version won\'t work at all under XP or 2000 regardless of compatibility modes - or at least it won\'t work well. Since all Win9x midi drivers are 16 bit code, the Maestro drivers also are 16 bit. As far as I know, XP doesn\'t run 16 bit code at all - if it did, the latency and system penalties would be ugly.

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