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Topic: Maestro Tools with Cubase

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    Maestro Tools with Cubase

    Hello Folks, I think a great thing to have up here is a little \"how to\" for using the Maestro Tools and Cubase VST on the same machine. I have it working with Nuendo, but Cubase VST 32..no joy!

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    Re: Maestro Tools with Cubase

    I don\'t typically use Cubase so you may be able to get advice on the fine points of Cubase setup from some of the other forum members. However, I\'ve had Cubase running with Maestro, and others use Cubase fairly commonly with Maestro. You may want to check the Troubleshooting heading of the help file. I can\'t recall if it\'s Logic or Cubase that requires special treatment in the win.ini file, but there aren\'t many subheadings in troubleshooting so it\'ll be quick to take a look. If this doesn\'t help, try describing a little more what isn\'t working and I\'ll try to help. Right now I\'m away from development systems so I can\'t really give much info about how I\'ve used Cabase with Maestro. As I recall it didn\'t seem to require much of anything special (aside from the win.ini file -if that was for Cubase).

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    Re: Maestro Tools with Cubase

    Sorry, the reference I made to troubleshooting and win.ini applies to Logic only, so I\'m afraid I can\'t help much until I can look at Cubase again.

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