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Topic: You can't always git...

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    You can\'t always git...

    OK, yes, this library is marvelous, but if I could ask for two things:

    1) Many sounds, too many (sorry Gary, it still is a marvelous library), don\'t extend to the range I would like to use them. I know they were designed with the natural range in mind, but rather frequently, this does not extend as far as music that has been written for them. The cello Grand Detache\'s, for instance, don\'t go up high enough for Tchaikovsky\'s Serenade (which I was mocking up while trying to get used to the library).

    2) I am trying to get this sound, frequently made by strings as the bow bounces lightly off the strings: Think (especially) Mozart\'s piano concerto No. 14, beginning of the 3rd movement, or Beethoven Sym6, beginning of first movement. None of the short bows are \'soft\' enough or seem to have the right sound.

    Any suggestions, or perhaps these are ideas for updates?

    Yes, Gary, give them the moon, and...



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    Re: You can\'t always git...

    For Beethoven 6, the Vln2 portato is what you are looking for.

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