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Topic: I Know this is a Giga Forum, but.....

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    I Know this is a Giga Forum, but.....

    Is anyone using the GOS with Halion? I\'ve tried to ask the folks at the Cubase.net Forum, but the only thing I got was some responces about how great they heard the samples were supposed to be. I\'m very interested in picking up the library, but I\'m hesitant until I hear of some folks using it with a similar setup as mine.

    I\'d also be very curious to know if anyone in Ohio is using the GOS and if they wouldn\'t mind me popping over to their studio to check it out since there are no retail outlets to demo the library. I\'m willing to make it worth your time.

    Thanks much,

    Cubase 5.1
    Motu 24i

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    Re: I Know this is a Giga Forum, but.....

    I have Halion and have loaded some GOS patches into it. I have a Mac G4 450/ Motu 828 and I do not consider this an adequate system for Halion. Giga Import works sort of ok but not as fast as the real GigaStudio. Gary\'s strings sound great on a Mac.However, you will not be able to access the Legato samples with this setup presently.I have not checked the Key Switch setup but I doubt that it will work. Perhaps there will be a specific release for this format. It looks promising. At least you could get started with GOS and your setup. There are many patches that load very well.

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