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Topic: How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?

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    How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?

    I\'m working on a VERY fast action cue (190-200 bpm) and need to make all of the Marcato patches very, very short--much shorter than I can get with the GPC 8 fader all the way down. Can someone please explain to me how I can alter these GPC 8 controllers to make everything about 50 percent shorter? This is my main gripe with the programming of this library--all the \"short\" bows are way too long--IMHO of course.

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    Re: How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?

    I assume you want to use the Marcato patch because of its robust sound, but bear in mind that marcato is a heavier, more emphatic articulation and thus not well-suited for extremely fast passages. Consider using a Spiccato or Sautille patch instead, perhaps even one of the Sul Tasto patches. I don\'t know if these will be short enough for you, but they\'re worth a try.


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    Re: How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?

    Thanks for the advice...I\'ll definitely try to spend more time playing around with those other short articulations. I do think that marcato is what I need for this particular tune--although the tempo is very fast, the effect I\'m trying to achieve is a very stark, bold sound (like some of Bartoks string writing) where the emphasis is on very \"primitive\", rhythmic patterns consisting of repeating eighth and quarter-notes.

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    Re: How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?

    I was able to modify the patches very easily by \"rubber-banding\" all of the regions in the Instrument Editor and reducing the \"release\" time quite a bit...

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    Re: How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?

    Hey Tim still on ICQ?

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: How do I make Marcato strings SHORTER?


    Well, you seem to have mostly figured it out before I noticed your post. One other thing you might want to try if you still need shorter times: In the editor rubberband all regions, open the \"EG Mod\" tab and change the modulation source to \"none.\" This will disable the GPC-8 length control and change the determination of note length to the MIDI note value and the release setting. You should be able to make the notes a short as you like then by experimenting with the release time.

    One of the next updates will be an alternative approach to the short bows that will make the above change while adding a number of programming options to increase variability (especially useful in repetitive passages). This will be made available sometime after NAMM.


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