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Topic: Question regarding updates...

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    Question regarding updates...

    I just ordered my copy of GOS two days ago (and am /dying/ to get my mitts on it) but of course in my rush to get the order in I neglected to ask if it would include all the updates that have come out so far, or if it was a \"stock\" edition and I would have to apply the updates manually. This isn\'t a huge problem, I\'m just not sure how to find out the answer short of calling back (and I don\'t want to seem bothersome.) Does anyone in the forum know?

    I was also was surprised when Mr. Garritan took the order himself! Wow, I love the level of personal attention you get...I can\'t wait for any other libraries to come out. (Someone mentioned Solo strings?)



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    Re: Question regarding updates...


    All discs are up-to-date at the time of sale. You should therefore not need to apply any of the previously released updates. This, of course, concerns maintenance updates, not “alternative” updates (like the all-WARM version of the library). You will want to check once in a while on the GOS site though, because more updates will be made available periodically. Enjoy your new library.


    P.S. Sometimes Gary gets himself into a real jam by answering the phone like that: It turns out to be me on the other end!

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    Re: Question regarding updates...

    *rubbing hands together*

    Excellent... *wink*

    Thanks for the fast response.


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