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Topic: Maestro tool

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    Maestro tool

    The GOS-library is why I am considering buying a PC. I\'m a Mac and ProTools user.
    I do not really understand the Maestro Tool, how does it work? Is it possible to play this strings LIVE?
    Does anyone use a Laptop for Giga?
    What soundcard should I get for the PC?

    Can I control everything in the GigaSampler from my sequencer/audio program (ProTools/Logic)situated in my Mac.
    Is it all SysEx?

    Is Solo Strings in production? (I hope)

    I thank you all for your brilliant responses in advance.

    I hope if I become/when I am a Giga and GOS owner I can help you with something.


    Mikael Jöback
    +46 8 644 11 55

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    Re: Maestro tool


    Here’s some info on MaestroTools: It’s a utility program designed to extend certain capabilities in GigaStudio/GigaSampler. It is installed on the Giga computer and intercepts the MIDI data before reaching GS. The data is then modified to accomplish several useful things in combination with special programming in certain G.O.S. instruments. These include:

    1. The addition of two flavors of “mono mode” to aid in the construction of monophonic legato passages. The chosen mono modes are activated using the sustain pedal. Standard sustain pedal data is not passed through when these modes are chosen. These can be bypassed if needed, in which case sustain pedal data operates normally.

    2. MaestroTools also allows the sustain pedal to activate an additional legato feature in G.O.S. “LEG” instruments that smoothes transitions between notes (when the pedal is depressed) by taking advantage of some special programming in those instruments.

    3. Used in conjunction with G.O.S. “ALT” short bow instruments, the user can keyswitch between automatically alternating up and down bows, forced down bows and forced up bows.

    Yes, you can control everything remotely from your Mac using standard MIDI controllers. We’ve tried to keep the programming as “least common denominator” as possible.

    Yes, it is possible to play certain things live, but keep in mind that each instrument has numerous controllers available for different functions so you could quickly run out of available arms and legs even if you have enough assignable hardware controllers at your disposal. The library is best used in conjunction with a good sequencer so that you can program the automation of these parameters as needed. Editing is usually a necessary adjunct to most things orchestrally MIDI.

    Someone else will have to answer the laptop question. No experience there.

    I’ll leave the solo strings inquiries to Gary.


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    Re: Maestro tool

    One of my Giga computers is a Toshiba tecra Laptop. I can get 140-160 note poly count out of it. It is very good for portable work. I\'m quite surprised at its performance/ It is NOT the way to go if you plan to use Giga in a Home studio and you dont do much in the realm of portable work.

    I would build two seperate desktop giga computers with the price that the laptop would be. Just to get higher polyphony in real time. And to get the choice of higher quality PCI interface cards. Only go laptop if you NEED to.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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