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Topic: All Violins Long Bow sounds low in volume

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    All Violins Long Bow sounds low in volume


    I love this library. When recently using the All Violins Long Bow patch, the volume seems quite low compared to the 1st and 2nd Violin Long Bows. Is there a way to raise the overall volume in the Giga editor?

    PS. The midi volume slider in Gigastudio is on 127.



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    Re: All Violins Long Bow sounds low in volume


    There are a number of ways to approach this. One would be to route the MIDI channel for that instrument to a different pair of audio channels in the DSP Station section of GigaStudio and make the relative level adjustments there. The DSP Station section can be used for ganging instruments (e.g. all 1st violin instruments to the same pair of DSP Station channels, or all 1st violin long bows to one pair and all 1st violin short bows to another, etc.) This also provides you with the option of lowering the level of certain groups of instruments relative to the level of others to achieve the desired balance. If your card isn\'t GSIF compatible and you don\'t have the use of the 32 channels of audio mixing in GigaStudio, then you could modify the instrument by opening it in the Instrument Editor and checking the 6db box in the instrument properties to increase its overall level. Or you could lower the MIDI controller #7 levels of all other instruments in relation to the softer one.


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