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Topic: Making a BIG orchestra

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    Making a BIG orchestra

    I\'m curious to know if some of you have created string orchestras (using GOS) that cover the entire range of the strings, allow for swells and different articulations, and can all be loaded into GS at the same time so that they\'re all available real time (which would make improvisational playing much more joyous than having only one section or the other playing, or only one articulation).
    I\'ve spent enough time with GS to understand Layering and Multis and Dimensions. Would the task I described be very time consuming using GOS? Could a skilled GS user do something like this with GOS in one or two weeks of full time fiddling? Could the orchestra lite serve as a good skeleton for that type of endeavor?
    ..... this is a terrific forum, by the way!

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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra

    As you mention yourself, GOS already has such a patch. I don\'t use it but if it makes it easier in some situations, I probably would. Most common articulations are accessible in the LITE patch, so why dont you just use that one?

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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra

    Lite patches are great for sketching.

    One trick you may want to consider that I tried on one patch jsut to see is,
    Set EG MOD control to attack controlled by the Mod wheel to a short bow patch and layer it over and EXP instrument. Now using the Mod wheel you can control a more aggressive string section.

    If you are doing a lot of improvising that swtiches from pizzi to sustain to short to ..etc. Then use the keyswitch version of hte full orchestra. You may even want to consdier making your own patch with 3-4 articulations and dimension switching done with a CC controller instead of keys so you can use a foot pedal.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra

    Hi guys!
    It\'s much more easy:
    Just use Win2k with 1Giga RAM - then it shouldn\'t be a problem to play all articulations simultaniously!!! The problem is, that Win98 just can deal with 128 Mb RAM, allthough you might have more!
    Use all ports in Gigastudio160 (best to work with Cubase VST or Nuendo... Have fun!

    Matt, producer & composer
    Hegenheim, Basel, Munich

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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra


    I am not sure if I correctly read your message as \"Windows cannot not provide access to more than 128 Mb RAM\".

    If this is what you meant, you are mistaken. Windows 98 (and I believe also Win95) can address up to 2 Gb of physical RAM AND use it. There may be limits posed by motherboard, chipset, or physical space (slots). Incorrect (even default) vcache settings may give problems with using more than 512 Mb RAM.

    A lot of users on this forum use between 512 Mb and 1 Gb, including myself. I do not believe Microsoft has changed the basic Win32 memory management architecture with the introduction of Windows 2000.



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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra

    512 ram you can just use without fiddling.
    after that the user needs to dive into windoze and adjust things. Usually it isn\'t the same for everybody also..
    For simplicity, dump 512 in her, it\'s so cheap now, and see if can handle what you do.. Then if you need to add more, you\'ll know how it acts up cause things won\'t react the same.

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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra

    I think this is not a good approach. If you buy GigaStudio, plus a sound card, plus a sequencer, your WILL have to tune your system to get the max out of it.

    If you want to plugin 1 Gb (or more) Ram you can safely do so when you first add two simple lines to a text file. Everyone can do that with some help from a forum like this.

    Plain vanilla PC\'s are for running Office, not advanced audio or video stuff. Same applies to any other brand or type (Mac, Linux, BeOS, Sun, whatever).

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    Re: Making a BIG orchestra


    I forgot to refer in my previous post that this topic was about creating a BIG orchestra. If this is the goal, 512 Mb won\'t do, IMHO.

    May be this is too blunt, but I guess for professionals it\'s reality:
    You will probably need 2 or 3 Gst PC\'s with at least 1 Gb Ram each to get a fullblown (!) orchestra that you can \"direct\" in one take. Plus lots of libraries, including the typical doubling with separate programs (DD, QLB) to get descent sections. I guess you easily can fill one PC with a collection of most often used GOS programs (haven\'t tried yet).

    Composers not (yet) working with Giga typically list at least 10 hardware samplers.

    For instance, check out Danny Elfman\'s gear at: http://www.emu.com/artist/d_elfman/equipment.html

    (just grabbed this url from another topic)

    I believe David Govett recently mentioned some details of Hans Zimmer\'s huge sampler setup...



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