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Topic: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

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    GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    For any Shawshank Redemption fans, here is a mockup I did using GOS of the Prison theme.
    Great writing by Thomas Newman!

    The demo is at the bottom of the webpage.

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme


    I jsut got back from NAMM, talkinmg Newman with PatS and I get this great cue when I come home

    REally Great work

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    Thanks King I love what Newman does. This cue was really a joy to do because of how it was written. Every time I picked out a part from the CD and played it with another part, I couldn\'t believe how beautiful the harmonies were (especially in the pretty breakdown part with the harp).
    Now if only I could write like that!
    I find mockups a great learning tool for a person that can\'t read music.

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    Re: GOS Shawshank Prison theme

    I completely agree with you Damon, which is why I like doing them. It jsut sucks when I pick one thats pretty difficult to figure out

    Really...I am an Idiot

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