Well I\'ve had GOS in place for about 3 days now and I must say that I\'m floored by the quality! I\'m sure you all understand me when I say that I\'m inspired by the library...just noodling around with some long bows and touching on everything else has really got me jazzed...or should I say \"orch\'ed\" (har har...ok it was dumb.)

I will make this observation and ask a question:

1) There is so much here (in GOS) that it\'s almost overwhelming and I find myself not knowing where to begin to learn about the usage of said library. I hope I\'m not the only one with this feeling of...\"Wow, BIG!\"...sort of like giving a person who is used to using magic markers a set of oil paints.

2) I\'m not a /total/ novice, I\'ve written music for a while now, and have played various contemporary instruments for many years (as well as the string bass and viola in my youth.) But I\'m having some difficulty hearing the different techniques in the proper context. So I\'m asking if you all could recommend some \"required listening\" to maybe give me some examples of how some of these samples could be best used.

I\'m still reading the (fantastic) documentation and catching up in the forum here, but hopefully some of you have or could suggest audio examples of the techniques GOS makes available to us.

My thanks,


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