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Topic: GOS with Halion or wait for AKAI???

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    GOS with Halion or wait for AKAI???

    I\'m new here because I don\'t yet own GOS. The demos and reviews are incredible. I can\'t wait to get it. I have a Mac with Cubase, Logic, Halion and EXS24. I do not have a gigasampler.

    Here are a few questions for users who may know.

    1. How well does GOS work with Halion?

    2. If Halion import has problems, what is the likelyhood of Steinberg responding quickly to the issues?

    3. Should I wait for the AKAI version and miss out on the $300 savings, or get the GIGA version and risk incompatibility for an indefinite time (forever?)?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: GOS with Halion or wait for AKAI???

    5. Does GOS lose functionality when imported into Halion? Gary emailed me earlier and said that a few people were having difficulty importing files. He said nothing about functionality or control.

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